Share Reports With Email Marketing

With version 4.53.10 of Email Marketing we have added the capability to share message reports. This is a great enhancement to our reporting capabilites as you can now share all statistical data with anyone without the need to setup a username just for report viewing. You can find this feature by going to the message archive, selecting a mailing, and clicking on share report. Below you will find some screenshots of how sharing works.

Link to share & email sharing capabilities

The shared report

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  • David

    On the Shared Report page the navigation of subscribe, unsubscribe, and so on appears. Is this a separate template from the public section so that we can remove the top navigation, so when a client comes to the page the navigation isn’t there and it only shows the report? Then when a normal person comes to the public section the navigation is still there.

    Also I noticed a filter Stats drop down menu. Is this new or maybe I’ve not noticed it before. How would I set this up.



  • The subscribe/unsubscribe/etc… are all located in the main public template. That is the “core” template and the specific pages are included within it. It would be possible to modify the core template though and use smarty if’s and what not.

    The filter stats drop down is not new for this latest version but was added fairly recently. It will list any sending filters you have and it will filter your stats accordingly. This means you don’t have to send with the sending filter but you can use the power of the sending filters to filter the stats for a mailing.