Send Messages at the Perfect Moment with Predictive Sending

Send Messages at the Perfect Moment with Predictive Sending

You probably know that feeling of accomplishment right after setting up an email campaign–that moment when you’re ready to hit “send.”

You’ve crafted the perfect subject line to maximize your open rate, identified a compelling call to action, and segmented your list for maximum engagement. But when should you actually send it?

Pinpointing the best time to send an email is never an exact science. That’s because your customers don’t behave in exactly the same way.

You could look at industry benchmarks or examine recent email marketing performance relative to send time. But wouldn’t it be great if you could send your campaigns at different times to each individual customer when they’re most likely to engage? And without having to guess?

With Predictive Sending, our data model does the heavy lifting for you to personalize the delivery time for each and every person in your automation–delivering the message at the unique time each contact is most likely to engage with your email based on historical engagement.

Imagine hand-picking the send time for every person in your automation at a time that works for them–except we do that work for you.

Timing that is truly personalized

We believe true predictive sending shouldn’t just eliminate guesswork, it should also provide a more personalized experience to your customers.

Personalizing the send time of an email for each person in an automation should account for when they’re most likely to take action, their time zone, whether they like to use email while they’re at work or save it until early mornings or late nights, and more.

Some marketing automation platforms optimize sending by groups of customers. This means their data model picks just one optimal time to send a particular campaign to an entire list of customers. It relies on the overall performance of a list rather than how individual contacts engage with email.

Other platforms optimize by timezone, so that recipients receive an email at a time that makes sense in their respective timezone. While more personalized than list-level sending, this doesn’t take into account an individual’s historical behavior and preferences.

We’re excited to offer truly personalized Predictive Sending through ActiveCampaign that is customized to each individual in an automation.

Predictive Sending targets the optimal send time by individual, using machine learning to analyze each person’s opens, clicks, and conversions to determine an optimal send time for each individual in your automation.

Reach individual customers at the perfect moment

Our Predictive Sending technology analyzes how individuals have engaged with your emails in the past, and uses those learnings to rank each hour in a day based on when each person habitually engages with their email.

This means you can spend less time testing and tweaking send times, knowing our technology is doing the work for you.

The best part–Predictive Sending continues to adjust send times for your customers and leads as more engagement data is collected in the ActiveCampaign platform, so your send times only get more targeted.

Improve engagement with smarter sending

With smarter send times, your automation emails will generate more engagement, which ultimately means more conversions for your business.

You have the power of a highly sophisticated data model behind you, doing the work in a matter of seconds that would otherwise take you weeks or months of testing and tweaking.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and use Predictive Sending to:

  • Send perfectly-timed messages to new subscribers and make a great first impression
  • Grow your list of engaged customers and leads

Here are ten automations that benefit from the power of Predictive Sending. You can find these in the Recipes section of your automation builder:

  1. Seven Day Drip Series
  2. Online course Series
  3. Webinar Reminder Sequence
  4. Webinar Follow-up
  5. Send Newly Published Blog Posts
  6. Abandoned Cart Reminders
  7. Post Purchase Follow-up
  8. eCommerce Sales Drip
  9. Weekly Workout Cycle
  10. Highly-Engaged Customer Feedback Requests

Start using Predictive Sending today

Predictive Sending is available now to customers on Professional and Enterprise plans for any automation emails you want to optimize.

In your automation, simply open your “Send email” action, or add a new “Send email” action, and click the button to turn on Predictive Sending when prompted.

Read this article for more information on activating Predictive Sending for your automation emails.

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