With our Email Marketing software, you can create custom list segments to filter subscribers based on conditions. Then, when creating a new campaign, you can choose that segment to send to:

If you supply conditions for your list segment based on subscriber custom fields, one of the options is to match a custom field value amongst a set of values.

Here we are looking for any of the following custom field values for the field “field1-global”:

  • a
  • b
  • c

If a subscriber has any of the above values for custom field “field1-global,” they will be included in the list segment.
The syntax is simple – just separate each unique value with a comma:
A real-world example could be a custom field value for “City”:
chicago,new york,denver
You can leave off quotes around each value, as well as spaces before or after the commas (those will be interpreted literally).
This approach is a very powerful and efficient way to send campaigns only to subscribers that match a set of different custom field values.
See this post for different list segmentation ideas.