Search Within File Attachment Content with Help Desk

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With Help Desk, it’s useful to allow users to search for content throughout the KnowledgeBase prior to submitting a ticket. This saves support staff from providing answers to repeat questions, and allowing them to focus on actual issues that need attention.
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Often your KnowledgeBase will contain article attachments that have informative content contained within. For example, you may post a KnowledgeBase article that has a Microsoft Word attachment with detailed instructions on how to do something. If a user searches your Help Desk for such information, they normally would not find it amongst standard KnowledgeBase articles, since the content is contained within the attachment file itself.
With Help Desk, article file content is also searched, so articles that have attached documents will appear in search results.
The example below shows two articles returned when searching for the phrase “Microsoft Word,” which is contained within the actual file attachments, as opposed to just the KnowledgeBase article content:
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Both articles have a file from a different version of Word attached:
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Help Desk reads the file content when it is uploaded to the article, so it can be searched for later.
Here is a complete list of file types that Help Desk will attempt to search within:

  • .html
  • .txt
  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .xlsx
  • .pptx
  • .odt

Note: Some files can’t be read systematically, but we do our best to obtain the actual file content.

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