Save Time and Clicks with Smart Search

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We’ve added a new search utility to the header portion of the software, but this is no ordinary search. Instead of searching actual data, we’ve designed it to search sections of the software that you’d normally have to find by navigating our user interface.
What’s the purpose, you might wonder? To save you time when accessing common sections, and helping reveal sections you may not have known existed.
For example, try typing “sub” into the search box, and notice that relevant page results show up:
0nn3prp5 screenshot2013 01 28at11.53.48am
You can search for any page within the software and it will let you easily navigate to it without jumping in between multiple pages just to get to your destination.
The search is designed to use natural language to find relevant pages. It will show results almost instantly (after two characters are entered) with a lot of smart features and friendly keyboard navigation options:

  • Tapping the “S” key will expand the search box and focus the cursor (so you can begin typing immediately).
  • Tapping “Esc” will collapse the search box (after expanding it).
  • The up and down arrow keys will cycle between result items.
  • Hitting “Enter” on any item will immediately redirect you to that page.
  • Since the first item is always selected by default, hitting “Enter” right away will take you to the top item.
  • If no results are returned, hitting “Enter” will redirect to the Subscribers page with a search conducted for the phrase you entered (you can also click “Search Subscribers” at any time to conduct a subscriber search).
  • You can also opt to search campaign data by clicking “Search Campaigns” (which will direct you to that page with your search included).
  • Multiple language support is included.
  • Permissions and branding settings are taken into account.

Here are some more examples of how convenient this can be, and how it might make your workflow a lot easier.
Start typing “invoice” to find the “Billing History” section:
1f9oqk0 screenshot2013 01 28at12.35.18pm
Start typing “upgrade” to find the “Billing & Upgrade” section:
9423737xt screenshot2013 01 28at12.35.30pm
Looking for Facebook-related sections?
k8ukyaufe screenshot2013 01 28at12.41.49pm
Integrations are also easier to find (search by the name of the service):
h9izh0fi6 screenshot2013 01 28at2.32.16pm
We are constantly improving our index with common search terms to help you locate almost any page or section within the software. We also have future plans to give more “weight” to commonly accessed pages (based on your own history) so it could become tailored to your own habits.
Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

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