Salesforce Account Sync is Here!

Salesforce Account Sync is Here!

Imagine it – you have a contact list, and each contact has its own specific set of details that make it easier to send them the right messaging.

Our Salesforce+ActiveCampaign integration can already help you do that. And a new function of the integration helps you do that even better.

You asked so we delivered. Our current Salesforce integration is getting a much-desired update!

Introducing the Salesforce Account Sync. Customers using the Salesforce integration can now sync standard and custom data fields from their Salesforce account and pair them with ActiveCampaign fields.

This new integration update lets you sync more than just Salesforce objects ‘Leads’ and ‘Contacts’. Now you can sync ‘Lead’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Account’ data.

How does Account Sync work?

The Account Sync functionality lets customers leverage the data that sits at the account level and further segment and/or use this data as a trigger within ActiveCampaign.

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This feature deepens our integration with Salesforce and lets customers sync more data that can better define communication and engagement coming off of the ActiveCampaign platform.

  • Seamlessly connect Accounts between Salesforce and ActiveCampaign
  • Map standard and custom fields on Accounts
  • Leverage Account data to further segment

What’s the value of Account Sync?

In a word, the value is personalization.

The more personalized messaging you can send to your contacts, the more likely that they’ll convert down the line. Account Sync helps you send even more personalized messaging and create more personalized workflows.

Take your Salesforce data beyond just leads and contacts – You can now sync all your account fields in Salesforce to further enhance and segment your communications through ActiveCampaign.

With Account Sync, you now have a wider variety of account details at your fingertips to use for more enhanced segmentation.

You can also:

  • Segment within an automation using Account fields
  • Personalize emails with data captured at the Account level

Which plan tiers can use Account sync?

Every plan from Lite to Enterprise can take advantage of the Account Sync feature. Depending on your plan, however, there will be some differences in functionality.

To use Account Sync with your Salesforce+ActiveCampaign integration, enable Account field mapping so that users can define Standard and Custom fields that should be synced.

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For ActiveCampaign customers who are on a Lite plan, this experience will be different, as they do not have the CRM feature. If Lite customers would like to sync Account information between Salesforce and ActiveCampaign, you’ll have limited fields available to map.

What this means is that they will be able to enable Accounts on the mapping section during setup, and select to map the Account Name. That will be the only option.

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For ActiveCampaign customers who are on a Plus plan or above, they will have complete access to map standard and custom fields during the mapping process of setup. Again, if they do not want to sync Accounts, they can disable this feature.

Are there automation recipes to help with Account Sync?

Yes! When your Salesforce+ActiveCampaign integration performs an Account Sync, contacts will either be updated (if they already have an account) or a new account will be created for them.

The 2-part automation recipe for creating leads in Salesforce can help you manage this interaction.

Create Leads in Salesforce Automation Recipe Pt 1

Create Leads in Salesforce Automation Recipe Pt 2

What about the other new account information that you want to send via a custom field on the account level? We have automation recipes for that too.

When a new contact is created, you can use the Salesforce Sales, Support, and Marketing CXA Automation Recipe to welcome them to your list with all of the necessary details in an automated welcome email.

If your contacts are ready for the next personalized nurturing step, try the Salesforce Sales, Support, & Marketing CXA Automation Recipe. You might have different call and meeting requests for sales or support, that come from multiple places — like a calendar integration or a form on your website. When these different requests come in, you need to be able to gather information and organize it across the right people on your team.

This automation recipe can help you schedule and respond to meeting requests, and then follow up with the right marketing strategy.

This new Account Sync feature deepens our integration with Salesforce. Customers can now sync more data that can better define communication and engagement coming off of the ActiveCampaign platform.

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