Sales and Marketing: Like Oil & Water, or Bacon & Eggs?

Sales and Marketing: Like Oil & Water, or Bacon & Eggs?

A long time ago, I was a software consultant. I didn’t have to think about sales and marketing. All I worried about was meeting clients needs and building great solutions. And I remember the constant arguments when things didn’t work as expected.

The software team blamed the hardware, and the hardware team blamed the software. Then I became what most people would call a “power user” — that unique blend of an end-user mixed with a strong technology focus. And the arguments continued. All I wanted was for things to simply work as intended!

Then I met Salesforce, and learned a lot about how Sales teams functioned. A manager gently pushed me to become active in the community. I almost immediately fell in love with the community and went overboard — I launched a local community group and founded a regional community-led conference.

A couple years later, while pursuing my next career move, and contrary to what I thought, I was told I was a marketer, and this by the woman who then hired me into my first marketing role.

And the arguments continued — only this time, it was between Sales and Marketing. Sales did what they felt was best to get that next customer. Marketing did what they felt was best to drive the right message to the right people, and hopefully at the right time.

And the two, Sales and Marketing, rarely mixed well. And when they did, it was like oil and water, they came together briefly, agreed on concepts but quickly separated and went their own way. But why? Isn’t the goal of everyone at the company the same thing, to grow the business?

Imagine a world where…

Think about what the Sales and Marketing relationship should be like — I envision this perfect world including the following:

  • Open communications between Sales and Marketing to discuss messaging, what is working, what is not, and why. And all of this happening with no finger-pointing. Remember, everyone’s ultimate goal is to grow the company, so if something isn’t working, try something new to fix the issue and move on. Don’t fix the blame.
  • Well documented protocols on the approach to marketing and sales, where complementary messaging is being delivered to contacts and prospects throughout the entire customer lifecycle. And don’t forget the all-important hand-off processes – when a contact becomes a lead; a lead becomes an opportunity; and finally when that opportunity becomes a customer.
  • Keep your focus on your customers and prospects. Get to know them. Get to know who they know. Ask for their opinions. They can be your best source for information and innovation ideas.
  • Don’t stop your efforts after the deal closes, because while a one-time customer is good, a repeat customer is even better, and turning those repeat customers into lifetime customers and company advocates is the best of all.

The stuff dreams are made of…

Is this perfect world something that only exists in our dreams? Not when you have a great CRM, like Salesforce, and the top rated customer experience automation platform from ActiveCampaign, to bring it all together.

And it doesn’t matter the size your company is, because you have what you need within reach. Salesforce Essentials, designed specifically for the small to medium sized business, with ActiveCampaign powering your customer experience.

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