Leader in Niche IT Market Finds Platform They’ve Been Searching For

Welcome to our onboarding blog series, where we highlight customers and their journey with ActiveCampaign. Every month, thousands of customers complete their onboarding experience with us, having learned everything they need to get started within ActiveCampaign successfully. We’ll be sharing a story from each month’s graduating class. 

This month’s customer story will highlight RidgeIT, a leader in Zero Trust Architecture and Cloud Infrastructure for the government and commercial verticals. 

During our time in onboarding with RidgeIT, the primary goals included creating email templates and several automations for tracking engagement and sending external communications. 

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ActiveCampaign has over 250+ expertly-crafted email templates ready for you to use right now.

“We were in need of a robust email marketing tool that didn’t only cater to B2C businesses and ecommerce sites, but also to B2B. When researching all the platforms out there, we came across ActiveCampaign,” said Leigh Bruce, Marketing Manager at RidgeIT.

As we began working with RidgeIT during onboarding, we took extra care to check in between our scheduled calls to make sure they were always on track. Because of that, they felt more supported and we were both able to come prepared for each meeting. This made Leigh’s onboarding journey seamless for both her and us!

We completed onboarding in early June and are happy to report that Leigh is a very satisfied customer and has continued working diligently in her account.

Since customer feedback is pivotal to us crafting our learning journeys at ActiveCampaign, here is Leigh’s reflection on her experience in onboarding:

How do you see your business using ActiveCampaign to solve the challenges mentioned above?

Leigh: First, the functionalities of ActiveCampaign will serve as a great asset to both our marketing and sales teams. Second, the integration with our current CRM Microsoft Dynamics was a necessity. Finally, ActiveCampaign has “all that” and much more such as a real ability to amplify our webinar event strategy.

Do you have any successes or “ah-ha” moments that you’d like to share?

My “a-ha” moments were with the people. We had some unique needs that needed to be addressed from the IT angle, so we needed our onboarding process to be tailored to what we needed to learn the fastest in order to execute the unique use cases we have for this tool. Not only was the onboarding process exceptional, but even the sales process in the beginning was a pleasant experience. I have appreciation for the entire team! 

What do you love most about ActiveCampaign?

What I love most about ActiveCampaign goes beyond the tool, and it is actually the people and support and education you receive. Their online education and resources are second-to-none.

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RidgeIT has the right foundation for success with ActiveCampaign, thanks to the support of the sales, onboarding, and education team. We’ll be sure to follow up with Leigh and the RidgeIT team in a few months to share a few ActiveCampaign success metrics with you! 

If you want to learn more about the platform that RidgeIT uses every day to enable its marketing and sales teams, try ActiveCampaign for free today.

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