Feature Update: Edit the Subject Line When Resending

One of the simpler, but very popular features of ActiveCampaign is the ability to easily create a new campaign based on a previously sent message with the Resend Options button. It’s a simple trick that saves time by building on the work you’ve already done.
You can find Resend Options by clicking the down arrow next to a sent campaign:
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Clicking it will display a modal window with your resend options:
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“Create a new campaign based on this campaign” is the most commonly used option, but we’ve long felt that “Send to new contacts (since this campaign was originally sent)” and “Send to contacts who have not read/opened this campaign” were the unsung heroes of this feature. To explain why, we’ll need to elaborate on what each of these options do:

  • “Send to new contacts (since this campaign was originally sent)” will send to contacts who joined your list after the campaign was sent. If you send a campaign on Monday and more people sign up for your list by Friday, selecting this option will simply resend the campaign to those new contacts without requiring a lot of extra configuration.
  • “Send to contacts who have not read/opened this campaign” on the other hand sends the campaign to anyone who has not opened the campaign up to that point in time including contacts who have joined your list since the last send.

Both of these options allow you to easily maximize the contacts who see your email while avoiding resending the campaign to someone who has already seen it.
However, in reviewing our customer feedback we’ve found that a common concern is that both of these options resend with exactly the same subject line.
Today we’re fixing that. Now you can modify the subject line before resending your campaign.
nj8bsm694 screenrecording2016 06 01at12.16pm
This is important because it’s possible that contacts didn’t open your campaign the first time because your subject line didn’t appeal to them. Jay Baer of Convince & Convert reports that 35% of people will (or will not) open an email based on subject line alone! It’s not uncommon to see a 65-150% or greater increase in opens by changing the subject line of a campaign.
We think this update makes this already useful feature even better. If you have an idea for how we can make ActiveCampaign even better, please let us know in our customer feedback forum. 

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