Replies Automation: Tracking, segmenting, & automation based on replies

You can already create automated marketing campaigns based on interactions with campaigns, subscriber data, and more.  But what if you wanted to send follow up campaigns dependent on whether a subscriber replied to a previous campaign?  Now you can with ActiveCampaign’s new reply management feature.

How it makes your life easier

When you send a campaign you now have an option to enable tracking for replies.

If you choose to enable that option, we set both a reply-to email address and a from email address that we manage (

When we receive a reply to one of your campaigns we immediately log it and then instantly determine what to do with it:

  • If it is found to be a vacation or away message we don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be spam (with a 99% chance) we log it and don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be a “my email has changed” type of email we automatically update the subscribers email and don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be a human verification/challenge email we log it and don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be an “unsubscribe me” type of email we unsubscribe the subscriber and don’t forward it to you

If none of the above apply we will send the email to your “from” email address exactly how we received it.

You can view a list of all the replies (with the subject and contents of their message) by going to the campaign report page and clicking the replies tab.

These replies will be saved for 7 days and include replies that we don’t forward on to you (vacation, email changed, etc…)

Marketing automation benefits with reply management

While helping reduce the flood of auto replies is great we have extended the capabilities of managing replies much further.

  • Segmentation based on replies
    Have follow up campaigns send only if someone does or does not reply to a specific campaign (or any campaign)
  • Marketing automation based on replies
    Setup automations to run instantly when someone replies to an email.  You could add them to a new list, send a specific campaign, update subscriber data, and more.
  • Receive reply data externally
    Utilize our new webhooks system to automatically receive new replies to any external script.

A trial is worth a thousand words.
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  • Katie

    When will we see this in Active Campaign?

    • jvandeboom

      It is active in all accounts now. You can see the option in the tracking area on the campaign summary page (just prior to sending) Contact us via chat or at if you can’t find it and we will help you out.

  • Wow, what an amazing feature! Love how you can segment off of these too. Quick question: does it recognize challenge/response anti-spam systems like BoxTrapper? Not that the sender’s address should be hitting the subscriber’s queue in the first place, but those things can get fickle.

    • jvandeboom

      We are detecting many of them and showing them in the campaign report. This is pretty new so the checks are being improved daily to support more languages/response types/etc… Additionally we are working on a way to quickly view all challenge/verification type of emails with their challenge requirements.

  • RipplesGuy

    Hey Jason & AC, this sounds like an AMAZING feature! Is it also available to those of us who are still using the software?

    • jvandeboom

      This is only available with our hosted service at this time. Such a thing takes longer to develop and has more concerns when releasing for the on-site edition (due to us not controlling the servers involved — it means we have to build out many more things and account for hundreds of potentially problematic issues/server environments)

  • Masilon

    Does it only work with english messages? Or can we add foreigner messages to parse?

    • jvandeboom

      English has the best support so far but we are optimizing this feature daily right now with new checks/languages. If you run into anything we don’t catch let us know at and we will update it.

  • Airton

    Fantastic and innovative!

  • Is this not available with emails sent via an Automation? If so, where do you enable the reply tracking? Can’t find it, thanks!

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Patrick,

      It is available with emails sent via an automation. You can find this setting on the Campaign Summary screen (the page after you edit the campaign) and enable it by clicking the toggle:

      • Thank you for the reply, but I do not see the emails I have setup in my Automation showing up under the Campaign Summary screen?

        • Brian Gladu

          You would need to edit the campaign and then navigate to its Campaign Summary. Here is a gif that might help:

          • Ah! Ok, got it, thanks! I think that “Next” screen could be incorporated into the “settings” icon for the email :)


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