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Welcome to our onboarding blog series, where we highlight customers and their onboarding journey with ActiveCampaign. Every month, thousands of customers complete their onboarding experience with us, having learned everything they need to get started within ActiveCampaign successfully. 

This month, we’d like for you to get to know a little about Jacek Kryszkiewicz, Co-Founder at Remote Sensei, and how they are using ActiveCampaign. 

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Tell us about you:

Remote Sensei is a fully-remote consulting company and Asana Solution Partner. With still-popular “old-fashioned” ways of collaboration with emails, Excel, and disturbing phone calls, Remote Sensei provides teams across the globe with more effective strategies to manage work. That’s why we provide digital transformations to fix communication and take management to the next level, adapting useful tools such as Asana, Slack, and Slite.

Tell us about your customers:

We help both medium- and large-sized companies across a range of business niches. Most common are marketing, industrial, IT, ecommerce, and sales. They reach out when their work strategies don’t meet the requirements of their business. For example, lack of communication, missed deadlines, and collaboration between teams is harder than ever, especially after the pandemic. 

Our customers have great business models & talented teams, but they haven’t fully adapted to the remote and hybrid era. That’s why we follow a proven step-by-step transformation process. This allows for the implementation of remote collaboration best practices and creates a coherent work ecosystem where tools are connected, and teams use common work conventions to increase their results.

Some of our popular transformation results include acceleration of processes, less time wasted on manual tasks, and more space for additional clients and projects.

Tell us about your journey with ActiveCampaign so far: 

“Best onboarding in my life, and I have had soooo many,” said Jacek. “Gilda has outstanding skills for guidance. She keeps the onboarding well organized and easy to follow. She creates a sense of safety and full control over the process from the beginning to the end. To be honest, not only did I learn all I wanted about the software but I also reminded myself what it means to communicate clearly, create clarity over the process, and execute a recommended step-by-step approach. Truly recommend ActiveCampaign!”

Favorite thing about ActiveCampaign 

“We’re huge fans of the ‘keeping everything in one place’ strategy. This way, we don’t need to jump from one tool to another too often. This principle also applies to ActiveCampaign,” commented Jacek. “Our account is an always up-to-date center for managing both advanced marketing and sales. This takes collaboration between those departments to the next level. Especially with all the available functionality and integrations necessary to control traffic, sales funnels, and pipeline effectively.”

Dreams for your business in the next year: 

For Remote Sensei to become the most known brand associated with Asana in Poland.

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We’ll be sure to follow up with Remote Sensei towards the end of the year to share a few ActiveCampaign success metrics with you! 

If you want to learn more about the platform that Remote Sensei uses every day to expand their brand recognition, try ActiveCampaign for free starting today.

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