This post was contributed by Manuel Frigerio, Co-founder of SparkLoop

SparkLoop is the easiest way for ActiveCampaign customers to add a powerful referral program to their newsletter and get more, high-quality email subscribers on autopilot.

If you’re familiar with Morning Brew, The Hustle, or the Skimm, then you know they all used a referral program to grow their audience to millions of highly engaged subscribers.

Until recently, if you wanted to add a referral program to your ActiveCampaign account you had two options:

  1. Build your own solution for thousands of dollars
  2. Use referral platforms that are not necessarily designed for newsletters

The latter option, in particular, comes with all sorts of downsides:

  • You have to swap your sign-up forms with the ones of the 3rd party
  • You have to use their APIs to send referral links from the 3rd-party to ActiveCampaign…
  • And you have to periodically export/import the list of unsubscribers manually to make sure the two platforms are synced.

Well, we’re happy to say that those days are over.

SparkLoop lets you set up a powerful referral program in minutes, with zero coding skills and without the need to change anything on your website. SparkLoop simply works out of the box.

With SparkLoop you can:

  • Run almost any type of referral program (milestones, two-sided, contests)
  • Run giveaways
  • Automatically generate a unique referral link for each of your subscribers
  • Automatically track referrals
  • Automate the distribution of the rewards
  • Create a “referral hub” page in minutes using our hosted version or our widgets on your website
  • Track the results of your referral program with our in-depth reports and analytics
  • Set up automated emails to keep your subscribers engaged with your referral program
  • Your ActiveCampaign account is always in sync with
  • SparkLoop with our 2-way sync technology. No more importing & exporting data from one platform to the other.

The best part?

It’s very quick to get started. In fact, 95% of our customers set up their referral program in less than 45 minutes.

How SparkLoop integrates with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a great marketing automation software with many helpful capabilities. One of these capabilities is custom contact fields. Custom contact fields are used to store data about subscribers; for example, the subscriber’s name or telephone number.

SparkLoop uses custom fields to store data about the referral program, like the subscriber’s referral link and the number of referrals.

Active Campaign view of SparkLoop custom fields

With all the data already stored in your ActiveCampaign account, it’s super simple to give your subscribers their referral link and tell them how many referrals they have.

Just use the correct custom fields in your emails like this:
Example of SparkLoop custom fields inside an email

How easy is it to integrate ActiveCampaign with SparkLoop?

The setup process is very simple and fast. Here’s how the integration works in three simple steps:

1. First, sign up on SparkLoop. When asked which email platform you use, choose ActiveCampaign:

SparkLoop ESP choices

2. Open ActiveCampaign and go to Settings > Developer and find API Access. Copy the API key and URL.

Active Campaign Developer Settings Page

3. Next, enter your ActiveCampaign API Key and URL in SparkLoop.

SparkLoop integration page

That’s it! Now your ActiveCampaign account is connected to SparkLoop and you can start making referrals!

Who should use SparkLoop with ActiveCampaign?

SparkLoop is for anyone who wants to add a referral program to their newsletter to get more, high-quality email subscribers on autopilot.

We designed SparkLoop to be the perfect tool for people who are:

  • Selling services and/or digital products
  • Sell sponsorship or paid memberships and want to get more high-quality subscribers

Here are 4 of the top types of businesses that can get the most value out of the SparkLoop & ActiveCampaign integration:

  1. Experts & thought leaders
  2. Course creators
  3. Media companies
  4. Paid newsletters

Experts & thought leaders uses SparkLoop to grow its community of trading enthusiasts.

Experts & thought leaders like authors, bloggers, consultants and speakers, use SparkLoop to grow an engaged audience and monetise them by upselling them things like books and services.

Here are some examples of what a person who falls in this category can offer for their referral program:

  • Access to gated content, such as videos, presentations, eBooks, or podcasts
  • An invitation to an exclusive webinar, roundtable discussion, or presentation
  • A free or discounted consultation with you or a member of your team
  • A small coupon to spend on a service you sell
    Course creators uses SparkLoop to get more paying students for its course

Online courses and workshops can be very lucrative for a business; you create the content once, and then roll it out as many times as you’d like. Course creators use SparkLoop to get more paying students and grow an engaged audience.

Here are some examples of what a person who falls in this category can offer for their referral program:

  • Discounts on current or future courses
  • Access to a members-only group on Slack or Facebook, to take education further and network with like-minded people
  • Free access to a course for a limited period or a lifetime
  • Free preview lessons to give readers a closer look at other content or courses
  • One-to-one sessions with a teacher (this will be more time-consuming than other rewards, so it’s best offered as an occasional giveaway to one lucky winner)

Media companies uses SparkLoop to run a milestone referral program for their daily political newsletter.

If your business model includes a traditional newsletter and a form of direct audience monetization (e.g., sponsorships), then prosperity lies in building your mailing list. Media companies use SparkLoop to grow an engaged audience and massively lower their cost per acquisition.

Here are some examples of what a person who falls in this category can offer for their referral program:

  • Access to a “secret,” exclusive newsletter containing bonus content
  • Access to special webinars or presentations with need-to-know insights
  • Access to members-only Slack or Facebook groups, offering an opportunity to become part of an inner circle
  • Promise shoutouts on upcoming newsletters to help subscribers gain recognition and feel valued
  • Swag designed to promote the brand and keep users aware—but only if it’s genuinely useful, engaging, and high-quality enough for regular use (such as a flash drive)
  • Giveaways with prizes provided by sponsors for a quick, cost-effective incentive

Paid newsletters uses SparkLoop to get more paying subscribers.

For businesses offering newsletters with gated membership (such as research giants like McKinsey) or incorporating paid memberships into their model, SparkLoop is the easiest way to grow your audience and paying subscribers.

Here are some examples of what a person who fall in this category can offer for their referral program:

  • Discounts on membership
  • Free access for a month, a year, or a lifetime
  • Access to members-only events or groups

For newsletters with an optional paid membership, being able to offer a “free trial” of their paid newsletter in exchange for a referral works incredibly well for lead generation. SparkLoop makes this super simple.

Take SparkLoop and ActiveCampaign for a test drive!

In conclusion, SparkLoop is the easiest way to add a powerful referral program to their newsletter and get more, high-quality email subscribers on autopilot.

You can be up and running in minutes, and our team will help you set up your referral program and make sure it’s successful.

SparkLoop offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, so you can take SparkLoop for a test drive completely risk-free