Redesigned email split testing with new test options

As part of our new email designer we changed some things with how split testing campaigns work.

New testing options: test the subject or the complete message

In the past you always had full message split testing.  Meaning each test had it’s own subject, from name, from email, and message contents.  But we realized many people simply wanted to split test the subject and from information. So you are now able to do that.  What that means is that you will now be able to create message contents only once, and change only from name, from email address and subject to make your messages different from one another.
If you choose to split the complete message – then each message content will need to be designed separately, just like you did before.

Select list step of create campaign process

A simplified split test editing mode

At the top of the edit message page you will now see all your messages listed where you will be able to quickly switch between them to see how they look like.  You can also quickly add new test variations.

Edit message step of campaign creation process


Powerful split testing options with the ability to specify how a winner is chosen

And lastly, the split campaign options have been moved from the edit message to the summary step. On summary page you will now be able to set whether the split test should be sent to all contacts evenly, or if the system should determine a winner based on click/open rate, then send the rest to the winner. In that case, you can also set the percentages for each message as well.

Summary step of the campaign creation process


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