Recent ActiveCampaign changes…

Recent ActiveCampaign changes…

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A new look

We have been in the middle of a lot of changes lately.  Both relating to our products and overall company direction.  Thus it was perfect timing to start rolling out our new branding.  Just yesterday we started to roll out the new site design and company branding.  This will continue (updating certain services/branding) for some time.  We expect to be fully switched over within the next couple weeks.

Add-ons are now bundled for free

Effective immediatley we are now including all add-ons for free and doing away with requiring you to buy the add-ons.
This includes:

  • Spam Filter Checker (Now FREE)
  • Subscriber Date Based Emails (Now FREE)
  • RSS Triggered Emails (Now FREE)

All you need is a valid support/upgrade contract and to upgrade to the latest version.

Explore our APIs

Our APIs are quite powerful.  So we are now showing off that power & flexibility with our new API sections.

You can now browse our available API calls, view information about each call, see what you should send to the API, what will be returned by the API, view code examples of real-life usage, and discuss each API call.

New unlimited email sending plans

We now offer unlimited email sending to all of our plans up to 50,000 subscribers.  Previously we limited email sending on all plans over 25,000 subscribers to be able to send 5 times their subscriber limit.

New support sections

In the past we had a central support center for all of our solutions.  We have decided to contain support information per product to make it easier for you to find solutions to your questions.
We now have a email marketing, help desk software, and survey software support section.
In addition to the new support sections we have released a whole new system to contact our support team.  It is heavily integrated with our site and uses our Help Desk API quite a bit.
Click here to view the new support sections

Manage your products and services

You can now manage all of your products & services from a single location.  Download software, renew support/upgrade contracts, view your billing history, etc..
Click here to checkout the new product/service management page

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