As many of you may be aware – we have talked a lot about opening up some areas to allow for easier customizations along with the ability to retain certain customizations with upgrades. We have some exciting features and options coming in the future. The ability to easily upgrade without losing style and code changes is yet to come – but now you can access the majority of the source code for the public sections of Email Marketing, Help Desk, and Live Chat.
What does this mean? You now have access to the source code of the public pages / functions. You can now directly modify the subscriber add/edit functions, or work on the archive page for Email Marketing. Or you can adjust the ticket submit code in Help Desk. Or change how the Live Chat chat code works to authenticate and authorize a chat. The possibilities for customizations are endless.
To view a specific list of files/folders that have been unencoded click on one of the following links:

As mentioned above – this is only the start of a number of new changes coming to our entire product line. Just let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback along the way!