How a B2B Productivity Consultant Improves Business Operations with Automation

How a B2B Productivity Consultant Improves Business Operations with Automation

When it feels like you have too much to do in your business, where do you turn?

Sometimes it feels like you just need another you so that you can actually get all your work done. Sometimes it feels like there are a thousand little tasks that eat away at your time.

Debbie Eglin, of ProductivityHub, is an expert at those times.

As a B2B productivity consultant, Debbie makes her clients’ lives easier by reducing manual touchpoints. Debbie does a productivity audit for these businesses to analyze what tasks they perform, how they perform them and what technology they use to support their business.

How can you find opportunities for automation?

How do you measure whether automation is working for you?
For that, Debbie uses ActiveCampaign.

How do you balance automated and manual operations?

Debbie knows how valuable time is for a business—which is why automation is such a powerful tool for businesses with a lot of manual tasks.

But she also knows that there are benefits to having both automated and human contact.

The problem? Handling hundreds of day-to-day tasks sucks away the time needed to reach out and make actual, human contact (which is still important!).

So she’s in the business of creating time for both.

How? With automations.

One of the biggest ways Debbie helps her clients is by using automations to replace manual tasks—the kind of tasks that don’t really need to be done by busy business owners (but are still necessary to keep a business running).

For that, she recommends ActiveCampaign to her clients.
autotion example

“I love the user-friendliness of ActiveCampaign. I felt I was able to very easily jump in and build automations.”

Debbie gives her clients a user-friendly, efficient way to increase productivity. She does that by working side-by-side with her clients to find the right balance of automation and human touch.

Automations reduce the number of manual tasks that her clients previously had to do, resulting in more time to focus on tasks they love.
And without all that time wasted on manual tasks, there’s even more time to have more contact with their own clients.

What kind of steps can you take to cut down on manual tasks?

One feature Debbie uses frequently in ActiveCampaign automations are Saved Responses, which are templates for one-off personal emails sent from a Contact profile or Deal record.

If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over, Saved Responses are a useful way to save time.

Some situations they are helpful in are:

  1. Sales lead follow-ups
  2. Confirming contact information

Saved Responses within an automation are a way to keep a personal touch throughout the automated process. It’s the best of both worlds!

Because of automations and other time-saving features, more than half of Debbie’s clients use ActiveCampaign as a tool for better productivity.

Move easily (without the cost of hiring movers)

The hardest part of most software is getting started. Moving over contacts and setting up templates is time-consuming—and the whole point is to save time!

Luckily, ActiveCampaign has a way to make it easier. (AKA, it’s basically done for you).

When you switch over to ActiveCampaign, we have a team of experts that help you get started. They can take care of almost everything, including (but not limited to)…

  • Importing all of your contacts
  • Re-creating automation workflows
  • Re-creating email templates
  • Re-creating opt-in forms

The goal? Make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

How do you measure success?

If your goal is to get more productive and save time, how do you measure your success?

While working with a client, Debbie calculates the success of their partnership based on the level of efficiency achieved and how much they were able to reduce manual touchpoints.

This could be through helping to onboard a virtual assistant or setting up ActiveCampaign automations. When the number of “things to do” goes down, Debbie has been successful.

Her clients think so too.
client testimonial

Alesandra Edwards, a ProductivityHub client.

With the promotion and integration of ActiveCampaign, Debbie’s clients can see continuous success at their own businesses. They use features like…

  • Lead scoring
  • Site tracking
  • Segmentation

And all the rest.

Debbie’s ultimate goal is to make business processes more efficient and productive. Her success rate speaks for itself.

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