What’s New in CXA? Engagement Tracking for One-to-One Emails, Create Your Own Custom Objects In-App, and More

ActiveCampaign is highlighting a round-up of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that’s scaling with you.

What improvements and new features were released throughout March? 

  1. Build B2B relationships that grow your business. Nurture unified sales experiences that build lasting customer relationships. B2B improvements include new engagement tracking for one-to-one emails and a new Activity Feed for the Outlook extension integration. 
  2. Differentiating your brand is easier than ever.  Create a connected brand experience that starts on your website and is propelled forward by pre-built automation recipes and new actions and triggers that provide you with new opportunities to create meaningful customer experiences. 
  3. Drive action with data to create a better customer experience.  Unify and take action on the data that matters the most to your business with enhancements to ActiveCampaign custom objects.
  4. Customer Love. We continue to celebrate your vision by bringing you improvements of your most-loved tools across all areas of the platform.

Keep reading to learn more about how ActiveCampaign is giving you a sales automation platform that continues to grow with you, and can be your guidebook as you find success.

1. Grow B2B relationships through unified sales and marketing

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. Sales engagement automation uses rich customer data from every sales and marketing touchpoint  for a unified engagement strategy, boosting results across all areas of your business to drive more growth.

Nurture Stronger Sales Relationships with Engagement Tracking for One-to-One Emails

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Using automated one-to-one emails as part of your sales engagement automation strategy helps ensure every insight is aligned. Marketing can help deliver truly connected customer experiences, and sales teams can take the conversation to the next level for warmer leads — and more closed deals.

Look for these new sales engagement automation triggers:

  • Use an automation block action to easily send a personal email through a connected personal account, like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.
  • Create automations with a one-to-one email using a Deal trigger, like Enters a pipeline, Deal stage changes, Deal status changes, or Deal field changes.
  • Include personalization tags and hyperlinks in your automated one-to-one emails to nurture stronger relationships.

Learn more about one-to-one email engagement tracking and automation here.

Get a complete view of every contact and their touch points with the new Outlook Activity Feed.

For Outlook Add-in plugin users, we’ve added an Activity Feed that gives you a complete view of every contact and their touchpoints by presenting data from ActiveCampaign directly within your Outlook account.

Use the new Activity feed to view and filter all of a contact’s recent activity like:

  • Deal status
  • Automations they are included in
  • Email engagement

Having this additional information saves you time and helps to create more thoughtful 1:1 customer experiences. Learn more about the Outlook Add-in plugin here. 

Add a personal touch to your 1:1 emails with the new signature personalization tag.

You can now add personalized signatures to your one-to-one emails with the new signature personalization tag (%DEAL_OWNER_SIGNATURE%). This highly requested feature adds a personal touch to your automated emails and helps your sales teams take conversations to the next level for warmer leads — and more closed deals. 

Using automated one-to-one emails as part of your sales engagement automation strategy helps ensure every insight is aligned. 

Learn more about sales engagement automation.

2. Differentiating your brand is easier than ever with pre-built automations.

Your brand’s website is a crucial channel that can grow your business and engage customers along different points in their purchase journey. But how do you know what your website visitors want to see? And how do you effectively use your time and resources to set yourself up for success? 

By using a combination of channels backed by ActiveCampaign, you can effectively communicate with your customers using customer experience automation (CXA). You’ll know exactly what each person wants to see before you spend time sending messages into the void and make the most of each interaction.

Grow your business through your website using pre-built automations.

Blog Pre built automations

A key area that benefits through use of automations is your brand’s website. No matter where your customer is in their journey, whether it’s the first time they visit your site or the 10th, you can make the most of their engagement and inspire them to take action. 

ActiveCampaign has a wide variety of pre-built automations inside the Recipe Marketplace. These recipes ensure you can spin up sophisticated, multi-step automations in a matter of moments, and either “set it and forget it” or customize certain steps to better suit your needs. 

Currently, there are over 750 recipes in the marketplace, either published by ActiveCampaign, or real users who found success with their bespoke automation.

Introducing #WeAutomateThat: New ways to automate amazing customer experiences.

Throughout 2022, we’ll deliver new marketing, sales, or integrated app automation actions or triggers – that help take care of the numerous tasks specific to your unique business. We will be showing you new and impactful ways to automate customer experiences so you can stop saying how bogged down you are by your to-do list and start saying #WeAutomateThat.

From brand new actions and triggers to improvements of your most-used automation conditions, ActiveCampaign is committed to giving you a platform that can keep pace with your to-do list as you continue to grow your business — and find success.

What new actions and triggers have already been released? Check out our release updates.

3. Drive action with data to create a better customer experience.

You use all different types of data to run your business — but there isn’t always an easy way to unify that data. It’s even more challenging to take meaningful action on that data to deliver customer experiences that lead to growth.  

ActiveCampaign brings data together from multiple sources and makes it easy to automate meaningful customer experiences from that data, leading to new ways to grow your business.

Create your own custom objects in app – no coding required.

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Custom objects offer the flexibility to model, manage, and automate your data in a way that reflects your unique business.  In addition to the custom objects already built into apps like Salesforce, Zendesk Support, or Calendly, customers on the Enterprise plan tier get the exclusive benefit of being able to create their own custom objects directly within the ActiveCampaign platform – no coding expertise required. 

When you have access to intuitive, self-service tools, you can independently build solutions to solve your business challenges.

Get more actionable data from your forms with custom objects.

05 Custom Objects in Forms

Enterprise customers who build and host their own ActiveCampaign integration using our custom objects API, can now create new custom object records from lead generation form submissions. When someone completes a form that includes a custom object field, that information will populate within the contact record. 

Creating custom object records through lead generation form submissions is just one more way we’re making it easier for you to bring the right data into ActiveCampaign. With a complete record of how every customer has engaged with your business, you can automate the most relevant experience possible.

4. Continued growth across the platform: how we show #CustomerLoveAC

We continue to enhance all areas of the platform in our ongoing focus to provide you more value and make it easier to create true 1:1 customer experiences. Here’s just a few of the many updates we’ve made over the past month. 

customer love blog

Look for the following updates for the automation builder:

  • New detailed error messaging in the event a Facebook Custom Audience step is missed.
  • Improved processing time on several actions. 
  • An update to the date and time format for the ‘Deal Field’ action.
  • Improved user experience when using the ‘Tag Removed’ trigger.
  • Improved connection between ‘Subscribe’ action and linked automations
  • Improved ability to filter automations by ‘Salesforce’ actions. 
  • Improvements to the automation recipe user experience.  
  • Enhanced revision history record. 
  • A minor bug fix to looping restrictions that were blocking certain users from building automations.
  • A minor bug fix that caused some Contacts to repeat steps.
  • A minor bug fix that caused missing timestamps on the ‘Wait’ actions for some accounts.
  • A minor bug fix to the ‘notification block’ that was replacing ‘&’ symbol with ‘&amp:’
  • Improvements on ‘Auto selection’ for the ‘Assign Deal Owner’ action.

Enhancements across other areas of the platform include improvements to the:

  • Zapier integration. Three new actions have been added that let you add or remove a tag from an existing contact, create a contact task, using standard and custom task types, and create or update a custom object record.
  • Mobile app. We introduced a new onboarding guide for mobile trials with clear steps to getting up and running on ActiveCampaign. This guide lets users easily schedule 1 on 1 time with an ActiveCampaign expert or discover helpful resources like tutorial videos and migration tools. 
  • Email designer. A new and improved email designer is in the works! Sign up for early access today and get access to an intuitive, sophisticated email design experience and build better emails in less time. Join the waitlist.

What you can look forward to from ActiveCampaign

How does ActiveCampaign make sure you’re up-to-date on new releases, customer requests, and the newest best practices? By giving you multiple options to get the information you need, in the ways that best suit you. 

  • Timely and easy to use product updates. Our product updates page has a weekly release schedule so you can quickly catch up on which new product enhancements are most relevant to your business. 
  • Email updates that keep you in the know. Stay up to date with weekly updates about new releases and enhancements to favorite tools. 
  • A customer community to support your growth. The ActiveCampaign Community is a unified space for you to get advice, network with other users, earn rewards, and get access to new product updates and features. 

Want to keep up to date with us on social? Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Have ideas for new features or product enhancements? Submit an idea. Want to let us know how ActiveCampaign has helped you grow your business? Tag us with #CustomerLoveAC

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