What’s New in CXA? Mobile Call Logging, Deal Owner Bulk edit, Shopify Forms, and More

ActiveCampaign is highlighting a round-up of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that’s scaling with you.

What improvements and new features were released throughout December? 

  1. Build B2B relationships that grow your business. Nurture unified sales experiences that build lasting customer relationships. B2B improvements include mobile app call logging and ability to bulk edit deal owners. 
  2. Differentiating your brand is easier than ever.  Create beautiful content that drives meaningful customer experiences. Updates include a new Pages landing page button option. 
  3. Great customer experiences mean more shoppers. Keep your best shoppers coming back, attract new ones, and grow beyond your online store. Ecommerce improvements include enhanced Shopify forms.

Keep reading to learn more about how ActiveCampaign is giving you a platform that continues to grow with you, and can be your guidebook as you find success.

1. Grow B2B relationships through unified sales and marketing

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. Sales engagement automation uses rich customer data from every sales and marketing touchpoint  for a unified engagement strategy, boosting results across all areas of your business to drive more growth.  

Cultivate better customer relationships with mobile call logging for iOS and Android 

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It can be hard to remember the details of a sales call once it’s finished. With the new call logging feature, you’ll be able to refer back to the summary notes long after a call is done so you never lose an important detail.

Call logging lets you call directly from your ActiveCampaign mobile app contact or deal screen, and automatically notes the date, time, and call length duration. Once you’re finished, just add any notes and nurture better sales relationships by recording relevant information on the fly.

Bulk edit deal owners to manage a more streamlined sales process

Quickly and efficiently keep your pipelines organized and up-to-date with the ability to edit all deal owners at once. It’s easy to now manage your sales process when a sales rep’s deals need to be reassigned, like if a rep is sick or on vacation, or a sales rep changes territories and their deals need to go to someone else.

View account owners with the Outlook Add-in to stay aligned with your team

The Outlook Add-in now includes the new account owner field as part of an account’s displayed information, so you have the most up-to-date information about accounts related to a contact while using Outlook.

2. Differentiating your brand is easier than ever.

Growing businesses of all sizes are strapped with resources and are constantly facing the need to do more with less. In order to show up in the inbox and other customer channels like the big brands you compete with, ActiveCampaign gives businesses tools to help up-level your brand in a simple way, and more easily drive meaningful customer experiences.  

Use new Pages buttons to drive visitors to take more action on your landing pages

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When adding a button to your landing pages, you can select from two new button actions: Send an Email, and Call a Phone Number. 

3. Great customer experiences mean more shoppers.

Shoppers can go wherever they want online to buy what they need. The only way to stand out is to provide them with an amazing customer experience. Whether you’re selling goods or services in your own online shop or on a marketplace platform or a combination of both — ActiveCampaign’s got you covered. 

Save time with improved Shopify eCommerce forms that help grow your business

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We’re introducing an optimized form integration process for Shopify users! This allows you to automatically embed a form on your site instead of having to copy and paste into your store’s code, saving you time. 

What you can look forward to from ActiveCampaign


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