Preview: ActiveCampaign Email Marketing 5.2

We are wrapping up development of Email Marketing 5.2 at this time and will be entering our testing stages soon.

Version 5.2 is all about the following:

  • Usability (work flow of certain features/sections/pages)
  • User Interface (a new concept & direction in terms of our user interface)

Our work is being done based on extensive feedback collection and actual user tests (conducted with various levels of marketers)  The data collected during these tests help isolate common issues, redefine our roadmap for the future, etc..

Here are a couple screens of some of the changes:

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  • Caleb

    Looks amazing! Have there been any updates to the editor?

    • Jason

      The actual editor (for editing a message/html editor) will remain mostly the same although we made some changes to the text-only editor.

  • hope to see file manager upload and linking functionality built in

  • When we use v5.2

    • Jason

      No set date yet.. We are now in the testing stages internally though. So select existing clients may have access to a beta at some point in the near future.

  • Isaac Mayolas

    Hi Jason!

    We desperately need to integrate mass email with Salesforce. This is forcing us to quit using AC which we really don’t want to. Can you jump into the pool and give an ETA? Are we talking about december, january, june??


    • Jason

      Some users will have access as early as Dec 1st. With the rest getting access by the end of December.