How Platinum Skin Care Converts 17% of Leads with Personalization

How Platinum Skin Care Converts 17% of Leads with Personalization


In this article you’ll:

  • Learn how Jennifer Tilney started and built her skin care business while staying committed to education
  • See Jennifer’s targeted marketing strategy and how she learns about her customers
  • Get 2 automations you can import and start using in your business

When most people say they’re not comfortable in their own skin, they’re speaking metaphorically. For Jennifer Tilney, this was no metaphor. “I was dealing with acne. I had grade three, almost four, acne,” she explains with now unblemished skin.

Like many people dealing with skin problems, Jennifer was going to the dermatologist constantly before she started Platinum Skin Care. She was burning through gobs of money and seeing no results for her trouble.

Jennifer went home one day to do some research, and decided the reason the dermatologist was so ineffective was indifference.

“They didn’t help me personally. Nobody said ‘hey what are you putting on your face at home,’” Jennifer says. The dermatologist wasn’t providing a personalized treatment plan, and that was the reason Jennifer wasn’t seeing results.

She began to learn the intricacies of skin care treatment, and soon Jennifer was forgoing the dermatologist to treat herself at home. As her skin began to clear up, it dawned on her, if I had this experience, surely tons of other people are dealing with it too. Voila, Platinum Skin Care was born.

Platinum Skin Care

Now Jennifer and her team at Platinum Skin Care help tons of people struggling with skin issues. Her secret is she treats each and every customer as an individual. She’s embraced tools and implemented processes that enable her to do this at a large scale.


She began with a simple email marketing tool. In this early stage, she just wanted to send out a weekly email with tips and tricks for customers. But before long she knew she needed something more powerful. She wanted a tool that enabled her to segment customers and curate the content they received, so every customer only saw content that was relevant to them.

That’s when she teamed up with Darren Hesselink and implemented ActiveCampaign. Now she’s able to do all of the things she wanted to from a marketing perspective, things like setting up tags, automations, and birthday emails.

Darren, a lead generation and marketing consultant, knew they could use ActiveCampaign to educate contacts to help them make the right buying decision.

Together they developed automations and campaigns that enabled them to have specific and direct conversations with their customers.

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Build relationships

Their educational content serves as a foundation for a relationship with each of their customers. Most of the emails Platinum Skin Care contacts receive are not pushing sales, but rather just providing helpful information.

With the trust gained from their educational content, they’ve attracted tons of customers to their VIP program. VIPs continue to get tailored educational content, and in addition they get access to deals, promotions and free samples.

Because Platinum Skin Care provides such targeted, relevant content, they are seeing open rates over 50% among VIPs.


You can aspire all you want to provide a personalized experience to your customers, but if you don’t really know anything about them, you’ll find the task impossible.

Jennifer and Darren knew they needed a way to learn more about their customers so that they could provide tailored content right from jump. Soon they decided a quiz was the way to go.


Now when you visit their site, the first thing you’ll see is an invitation to take their quiz. With the result, the Platinum Skin Care team is able to segment contacts by different skin types and demographics. The discovery is done right from the get-go, and the email content is relevant from email number one.

By integrating ActiveCampaign with their quiz software, they are able to do all of the tagging without lifting a finger due to the automations they’ve configured.

Somebody finishes a quiz, that triggers an automation which tags the quiz-taker based on their results and puts them in the proper sales funnel. Thanks to this process, Jennifer knows more about her contacts—many of which she’s never seen—than her dermatologist ever knew about her.

Since they’ve implemented the quiz, they’ve seen huge conversion rates among quiz-takers. Of the first 250 people to take the quiz, 17% have become customers.

“In the last three months we’ve sold about $5,000 of those packages [that we recommend after the quiz], not really doing anything other than having a quiz and a simple funnel educating them what to do,” Darren explains.

Platinum Skin Care’s strategy with ActiveCampaign is all about creating processes that enable them to educate, sell, and enrich their customers’ lives while minimizing tedious work needed to be done on their end, and they’re executing to great success.

Use Platinum Skin Care’s discovery and education automations in your business


This integration uses our Forms feature as a substitute for a quiz.

You can create a form with custom fields, and the selection(s) a contact makes for the custom fields will serve as their answers. Of course, you can use a quiz program that integrates with ActiveCampaign, and the automation logic will effectively be the same.

After the contact completes your form, the automation will automatically tag them based on their results.

You can import this automation now and begin using it by clicking the button below, copying the link, and then importing it using the instructions here.

Quiz Automation

You can then use these tags to trigger other automations, such as the one below.


This is a simple automation designed to send a drip email campaign full of educational content based on the tag assigned from the above automation. You should configure things like wait times as well as the content of the emails to suit your business.

You can import this automation now and begin using it by clicking the button below, copying the link, and then importing it using the instructions here.

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