Personalize Your Promotional Campaigns With ActiveCampaign & Voucherify

Personalize Your Promotional Campaigns With ActiveCampaign & Voucherify

This post was contributed by Katarzyna Banasik of Voucherify.

Nowadays, customers are flooded with promotional offers and communications. To cut through the noise, businesses have to offer excellent digital experiences and competitive offers.

Customers expect individual treatment and personalized incentives delivered at the right time, in the right place. The challenge businesses face is how to launch personalized promotions, referral, and loyalty schemes and distribute them automatically. It requires promotion management software and marketing automation tools that marketers can launch without involving developers.

The Voucherify and ActiveCampaign integration offers personalized coupon promotions, gift cards, and referral programs with automatic and omnichannel distribution to help enterprises manage their promotional offers. The ease of use of both platforms helps enterprises get their promotional marketing to the next level within weeks.

Why Voucherify?

Voucherify is an API-first promotion engine that powers personalized discount coupons, promotions, gift cards, and loyalty programs. The platform offers an intuitive dashboard that allows for campaign creation in a couple of clicks—without involving developers.

The campaign settings can be updated at any time. Within Voucherify, users can set fine-grained rules, A/B test offers, analyze campaigns, and instantly optimize their promotional campaigns to maximize results.

Voucherify has earned the trust of more than 300 customers, among them Clorox, Pomelo, and ABInBev. The case study of BAEMIN, a food delivery company from Vietnam, is a great example of how Voucherify helps enterprises to manage and scale their promotional offers.

BAEMIN was seeking a coupon solution for their marketing team to generate and manage unique coupon codes and thematic campaigns with little to no IT development. As a flexible and API-first coupon system, Voucherify allowed BAEMIN to save precious development time and provide all the needed features out-of-the-box.

BAEMIN has already launched more than 800 campaigns and handled over 60 million redemptions with Voucherify, with the daily redemption rates averaging 100,000.

The company creates open-for-all, public codes and unique coupons with multiple discount values that are either available to everyone or targeted at specific customer segments. To protect their campaign budget, BAEMIN uses a smart combination of validation rules provided by Voucherify.

“The coupon system is an extremely crucial aspect of food delivery, and with the Vietnamese market volatility regarding coupon schemes, it is not an understatement to say that Voucherify is one of our main platforms to operate daily,” says Quynh Phan Thuy, Project Manager at BAEMIN.

Moreover, their marketing team uses order structure and budget constraints conditions. These conditions ensure that only predefined orders can claim discounts and that each customer can redeem the offer only once (or based on a campaign, a designated number of times).

How Voucherify & ActiveCampaign Work Together

The Voucherify and ActiveCampaign integration allows for automated, omnichannel distribution of personalized promotions based on various triggers. It helps you reach your customers across the entire customer journey and lifecycle, improving customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and re-engagement.

Take control of promotion logic

With Voucherify, you can create fine-grained promotion rules, like earning rules for loyalty programs, validation rules for coupons, reward criteria, tiers, segments, and budget limits.

Using ActiveCampaign, you can distribute your targeted promotional offers, referral codes or information about the loyalty program progress to your customers automatically. ActiveCampaign supports omnichannel distribution. It also helps you personalize your messages sent to distinct customer segments and reach the customers at the right moment in their shopping journey.

Launch campaigns faster

You can integrate Voucherify API in days and hand it over from developers to the marketing team. Launching promotional campaigns and distributing them using the integration takes minutes and can be done straight from a user-friendly dashboard. In ActiveCampaign, you just need to add the promotional codes to the messages created in the dashboard.

Improve the performance of your campaigns on every channel

You can use personalized promotions and contextual messaging to improve customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and re-engagement. Voucherify lets you create complex promotional scenarios and launch small experiments to refine your promotion settings.

ActiveCampaign lets you distribute the promotions via chosen channels (for example SMS, email, social media) and segments or based on certain triggers. This flexibility helps with promotion targeting to complement your strategy.

How to Use the Voucherify & ActiveCampaign Integration

The integration lets you sync and exchange customer data between both accounts. You can use ActiveCampaign with Voucherify in three ways:

  • Send discount codes to customers in ActiveCampaign by using the Voucherify distribution mechanism.
  • Use ActiveCampaign contact properties to build specific segments for your promotional campaigns.
  • Automatically send referral rewards to customers in ActiveCampaign as a part of a refer-a-friend program.

The integration also helps you track successful redemptions and campaigns’ performance on both web and mobile. You can connect them by inserting your ActiveCampaign API keys into the Voucherify dashboard and mapping the fields.

personalize promotional campaigns

Mapping the fields between Voucherify and ActiveCampaign

To distribute your promotions, referral, or loyalty programs, simply choose ActiveCampaign as a channel when creating your campaign in Voucherify.

personalize promotional campaigns

Voucherify dashboard displaying the choice of distribution channels for a promotional campaign.

To send promotional codes in your ActiveCampaign messages, simply add a mapped field snippet from Voucherify into your message in the ActiveCampaign dashboard.

personalize promotional campaigns

An example email message created in ActiveCampaign containing a code snippet from Voucherify.

Take Your Promotional Marketing to the Next Level

Personalized promotional campaigns improve the customer experience. Promotional management software makes it easier for your team to run your referral and loyalty programs. Try the Voucherify and ActiveCampaign integration to launch flexible, faster campaigns,

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