How to Personalize Your Customer Experience with Demio and ActiveCampaign

How to Personalize Your Customer Experience with Demio and ActiveCampaign

This is a contributed post by Demio.

While doing some research for this article, I had a personalization experience that skirted the line of being creepy. I Googled “personalization in marketing” and started clicking links and reading articles. As I was reading one article, the website’s chatbot caught my eye. They used my entire name in their message: “Hey Adrienne Barnes,” it said with a waving hand.

Now, I don’t know this website or the company. We haven’t established any relationship yet, and I never gave them my name. So my name showing up in their chatbot was a little startling, slightly uncomfortable, very curious, and, as I said, kinda creepy.

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It pulled me right out of what I was doing; as soon as I saw the chat, I stopped reading the article. I tried to figure out how they knew my name and why they were using it. After a couple of seconds, I clicked off the page and kept reading elsewhere.

While their personalization tactic got my attention, it didn’t add to my experience.

Effective personalization strategies have moved far beyond simply putting, “Hey {name},” in an email.

The difficult part of personalization is implementing it without making it obvious to your customers. Good personalization is so seamless and intuitive, your customers don’t even notice it.

Knowing their name and using it in your email is not enough; you need a more advanced approach. To reap the benefits of a personalized customer experience, you need to create content and interactions that meet customers’ needs and behaviors.

The benefits of a personalized customer experience

In other words: What’s in it for you?

The SaaS economy depends on delighting customers in such a way that they continue to buy your product month after month and year after year… which is why personalization is key.

Without personalization, there is no impactful or delightful customer experience.

A report by Walker released in 2013 found that by 2020 (which is only six months away), customer experience will be more important than price and product. This is the economy we are living in now. Your customers expect a streamlined experience tailored to their behavior and needs.

The 2017 State of Personalization report by Segment found that of customers who had a positive, personalized customer experience:

  • 44% will be repeat buyers
  • 32% will leave a positive review
  • 39% will likely tell friends and/or family
  • 22% will be likely to post a positive comment on social media

Iperceptions found that companies leave $98 billion on the table by not providing individualized customer experiences. Additionally, the companies that do focus on customer experience see a 15% annual growth rate over companies that don’t make customer experience a high priority.

There’s significant value in providing a great personalized customer experience, but how do you go about creating something tailored to the behaviors and needs of your customers? Demio and ActiveCampaign can help.

What is Demio?

Demio is a webinar platform built for SaaS marketers. Demio helps generate an entire webinar marketing campaign to increase sales and generate more leads.

We know that “60% of webinars are designed to move people through the entire sales cycle — from unaware prospect to loyal customer.”

But we also know that webinars should do more than just move people through a sales cycle — they need to cater to a prospect’s needs and behaviors.

A step-by-step guide to a personalized webinar campaign

In this piece, I’m going to walk you through an example webinar from start to finish. I’ll show you exactly how Demio and ActiveCampaign can work together to create a personalized experience for your customers, leads, and webinar attendees.

Step one: Create a stellar landing page

The landing page is the first place your customer or prospect… well, lands when looking to learn more about your business. There are a few things your landing page should have in order to create a more personalized customer experience.

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  1. Have a powerful headline. In just a few words, you need to provide accurate, interesting information that prompts action. The headline touches on a known pain point of your target audience and assures that the attendees will learn how to solve that problem.
  2. State the benefits. This is your opportunity to brag a little. You have valuable information that will help your webinar attendees, so now’s the time to toot your horn and let them know the amazingness that awaits them. We listed our benefits under the “Exclusive Free Training With Demio” section.
  3. Be clear and concise. You want the purpose of your landing page to be obvious. With large and clear calls-to-action, the clear intent of the page is to let attendees reserve their seats. Notice we have two buttons on our landing page, but they both have the same copy: “Reserve your seat.” It’s direct, clear, and uses simple language — the person signing up knows that if they click that button, they’ll be prompted to register for the webinar.
  4. Provide some social proof. On our landing page, we provide a couple of different types of social proof. We have testimonies from happy and successful participants with their logo and a quote and a banner of Facebook likes. Proving that we’re a credible company used by so many people helps us earn trust from the very beginning. It’s even more powerful if one those likes is from a friend of the person registering.

At Demio, some of our clients see average landing page conversion rates of 30%, and excellent landing pages convert at about 60%.

So, if you find your landing page converts lower than 20%, it’s time to take a look at what can be improved.

Test out different headlines, calls-to-action, and switch up your social proof. We believe in testing every aspect of your webinar funnel to maximize benefits for your customers.

Step two: Personalize your registration page

At this stage in the process, your potential webinar attendee is ready to register for your event. On the registration page, you’ll collect their information in separate fields.

Each field is an opportunity to gather information, but you risk overwhelming or frustrating the person registering by asking too much. There are pros and cons to requiring multiple fields in order to register for the event.

Pros of requiring multiple fields at registration:

  • You can gather as much information as possible about each attendee. This lets you place the attendees in the right segment in ActiveCampaign.
  • They receive a more personalized experience from the very first interaction

Cons of requiring multiple fields at registration:

  • The person registering could become overwhelmed, distracted, or frustrated with the number of fields needed to register, and they may leave the page without registering

The balance between too many fields and just enough varies from audience to audience, so we encourage you to test different options to find what works for you.

Once you gather all the right information, you can send all of the registration information from Demio to ActiveCampaign. This is the first step in creating an automated, personalized experience for your webinar attendees.

Within ActiveCampaign, we set up tags to help segment audiences and trigger different actions based on the registrants’ behavior. ActiveCampaign allows you to apply tags to contacts through third-party integrations, like Demio.

For instance, once someone registers for an event, we add a tag that shows they registered. That tag then triggers a welcome email.

This integration keeps each step automated for your business, and seamless and personalized for the webinar attendees. Demio’s tags set to trigger different automations include “did not attend,” “attended,” and “registered.”

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This allows us to personalize emails to registrants and their overall experience with Demio based on their behavior.

Step three: Use your manners

Many companies miss a huge opportunity to further engage and delight their potential attendees on their “thank you” page. The majority of thank you pages use this space to simply say, “thanks for registering” — with no other interaction or engagement.

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To get the most out of your thank you page, you should:

  • Be grateful they registered. There have been many times I’ve registered for a webinar, then landed on a thank you page that expressed no gratitude for my registration. Let registrants know that you’re excited to see them at the event and that you’re glad they registered. Do this in a way that makes sense for your brand. (At Demio, we use the praise hands emoji to show our excitement.)
  • Confirm they’ve registered. Let them know what comes next. Are they looking for a live link at the time of the event? Will you be sending them some pre-webinar emails? Whatever your process, let the registrant know what to expect from you.
  • Keep them engaged. You’ve just confirmed that this person is very interested in your product or company. They’ve agreed to sit and listen to you for an extended period of time, so the best thing to keep them engaged is by giving them more opportunities to learn and interact.

Personalize this experience with content on a similar topic or pain point. You know exactly what problem your prospect is trying to solve, so do everything you can to help them solve it.

On Demio’s thank you page, we provide a Free Training Guide they can fill out before the webinar or during the event. This continues their engagement and helps them learn more about how to resolve their pain points.

Step four: Host an amazing event

At Demio, we have tons of resources teaching our customers how to create and host amazing events that create personalized experiences for our customers and their attendees.

The top three things to keep in mind are:

  1. Create a value-packed event. Make sure the information you share matches what you told the attendees they’d receive. Share handouts, templates, or guides during the webinar.
  2. Talk to your attendees. Your webinar doesn’t have to be boring (read: shouldn’t be boring). Get to know your audience a little — ask them questions and respond to their queries or comments. A webinar is one of the very few ways to have a personalized one-to-many interaction with prospective customers, so interact with your audience as much as possible.
  3. Share your offer. Wrap up your event by sharing your offer with your attendees. We’ve found there’s a four-step process to every successful wrap-up:
    1. The Offer: Unveil the product name and tagline, share a one-sentence benefit statement, and show quick results and proof
    2. The Price: Display early and add value
    3. The Bonuses: Reveal your best bonus last
    4. The Guarantees: Offer 1–2 guarantees. Money back is always a great offer.

Step five: Follow up with ActiveCampaign

This is the part where Demio and ActiveCampaign make magic for your webinar marketing campaign. With simple triggers based on attendee behavior, you can personalize the emails your prospective customers receive.

For our event at Demio, we have ActiveCampaign set up to trigger specific emails according to their webinar attendance and customer status.

Our first trigger is based on whether or not the person attends the webinar they registered for.

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If they’ve become a new customer since registering for the event, we end the event automation and add them to an onboarding automation.

If they haven’t become a new customer, but did attend our webinar event, we send them another series of emails. These emails help to educate them on our platform and its benefits to their business.

We send four different emails over four days. Each sequence ends if the person becomes a Demio customer (because we all know how annoying it is to get emails from a company trying to recruit you after you’ve already signed up).

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If, after four days, the person who attended the webinar hasn’t become a customer, we move them to a lead list that gets notified of promotions and reminders occasionally, but isn’t filling their inbox every other day. We want to stay top-of-mind without being overwhelming or pushy.

Sometimes, people register for an event and they aren’t able to make it. We get it! Life’s crazy and schedules get double-booked. When that happens, we want to make sure we don’t forget about the person who registered so they don’t have to hunt us down when they’re available again.

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We take this opportunity to let them know we missed them at the event, while also giving them a chance to see everything they missed out on. In ActiveCampaign, we set this as a trigger for those who did not attend the event.

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In this email, we do a few things to encourage the recipient to watch the webinar.

First, we show empathy for their schedule and why they weren’t able to attend the event. Our goal at Demio is to bring as much value to our customers as possible in everything we do, and that starts with potential prospects. We’d never want to make someone feel guilty about missing out or give someone a hard time for not being able to make it. That’s not our style.

Second, we show a screenshot of social proof. Sharing a screenshot of attendee feedback is a great way to show the reader that other people really loved this webinar, and we’re confident they will, too.

Third, the only call-to-action in this email is a replay of the webinar they missed. We remind them of the content in the webinar and give them a chance to watch a replay on their own time.

And that’s how we do it! The process is automated on our end and personalized for webinar attendees and potential customers.

And this isn’t just a one-trick pony example; we’ve seen lots of companies have great success implementing similar strategies. We’d love to help you set up a webinar campaign that gives your customers a personalized experience.

Let’s break it down!

Providing a personalized customer experience is no longer optional. If you have customers, you need to be able to individualize the way they experience your company and product.

Using ActiveCampaign and Demio together creates an automated and personalized webinar campaign that reacts to your customer’s behavior and needs. From the landing page to webinars and follow-up emails, you can customize each step of the process in a way that will help and entice your customers.

At Demio, we’re passionate about helping SaaS businesses create a personalized experience that grows and scales their companies. We’d love to help you, too! You can get started for free or poke around and watch a demo in action. Either way, you’ll be all prepped and ready to start a webinar campaign of your own.

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