How to Use Personalized Video Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

How to Use Personalized Video Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

This post was contributed by Casey Hill at Bonjoro.

“In order to get your product or service to stand out in the market and be immediately noticeable, you need to make it a purple cow, or wholly different and eye-catching.” – Purple Cow by Seth Godin

In today’s world, personalization and creating a memorable experience through your brand and communications are essential. This is one of the hooks behind personal video messaging in 2020 and why we built the Bonjoro platform.

By sending a personal video email to a customer, you immediately differentiate yourself from thousands of other businesses. It’s not even all about the video — it’s about signaling to a prospect or customer that they are so important to you that you are going to take a few minutes out of your day to deliver something completely unique to them. That is not the norm in today’s world, so it stands out.

When businesses begin to forge these types of relationships, built on human touch, they can create familiarity, which breeds trust. Trust turns into loyalty and, ultimately, into long-term customers who not only love your product but tell their friends about it.

In this post, we’ll look at how personal video messaging works and where you can use it in your business workflow.

What is personal video?

First, let’s make sure we have a clear definition of what personal video is. Personal video is where you record a video of yourself, either on your phone or from your computer, and then send it out to a prospect or customer’s email inbox.

Because it’s 1:1 communication, your email is unlikely to hit the promotions or spam folders, and because your video sends as a thumbnail that links out to a custom landing page, your prospect doesn’t have to download anything (vs. if you were to just record a video of yourself on your phone normally and try and send it).

At Bonjoro, we see three primary places to use personal video in the customer lifecycle:

  1. Conversion
  2. Activation
  3. Growth

1. Personal video for conversion

One of the top ways we see people use personal video is to convert more customers. You can use video to convert customers from an inbound inquiry, after someone starts a free trial, after a phone call or product demonstration, etc.

You might use email templates like this to send a personal video to a lead who submits a form on your website with product questions:

Subject: Hey {first_name|there} – here’s a personal video I recorded for you

Message: Hi {first_name|there}, Thanks for making an enquiry. I recorded you a personal video. Click to watch it, and hit that button to book a time in my diary for a 1:1 strategy call.

CTA button: Book a Call

Pro-tip: Oftentimes, this will be one of the first personal videos you send someone. Remember to be casual and authentic. Familiarity breeds trust and you can create that by acting like you normally do (even if that is silly, weird, or awkward!).

2. Personal video for activation

Another place to use personal video is after a new customer comes on board. You can use video to help engage a new customer, thank a customer or donor after purchase, celebrate a milestone, etc.

You might use an email template like this after a customer reaches a milestone with you:

Subject: You reached a milestone!

Message: Hi {first_name|there}, I just wanted to send you a quick video to let you know how proud of you the team and I are! Check it out!

CTA button: Here’s a special reward!

Pro-tip: Try not to turn a celebration of their success into an upsell opportunity. Deliver them value that feels authentic by giving them something totally free, for instance, vs. a 20% off coupon.

3. Personal video for growth

Finally, you can use personal video with your established customers to ask for reviews, use cases, or referrals, or share new product offerings!

You might use an email template like this to ask for a review from a happy customer that has been with you for over 12 months.

Subject: Hi {first_name|there}. Can you help us out?

Message: Hi {first_name|there}, wanted to say a quick thank you, and make a personal request. Watch the video to find out more, and hit the CTA if you have time to help.

CTA button: Review us on [insert platform]

Pro-tip: Use automation to trigger a video recording request when your customer signals that they’re happy with your product or service. Maybe that signal is that they’ve purchased multiple products from you or have been highly active

For more use cases on personal video, check out the full Video Funnel Playbook.

Conclusion: How personal video builds customer loyalty

At the end of the day, whether you use personal video to build relationships pre-sale or to celebrate existing customers, the value of customer loyalty is the same. Loyal customers become true fans and true fans are one of the strongest growth engines you can have as an organization.

In a TED Talk by Jerry Silfwer, he highlights the scalability of true fans. He explains that if every month you gained one true fan, and that true fan then went on to recruit one more true fan, you’ll quickly have a loyal and fast-growing customer base. It’s similar to Seth Godin’s point that you need only 1,000 true fans to get to incredible scale. Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs come when we challenge the status quo and dare to be authentic.

Learn more about the Bonjoro and ActiveCampaign integration here.

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