Patch files anyone? Smaller upgrade distributions…

We have been experimenting with several ideas for making the upgrade process easier and quicker for you.

Currently it is quite easy to upgrade to the latest version.  However, the upgrade files can be large at times and subsequently take a good deal of time.

What benefit would you see with an upgrade distribution tailored to your version?  Meaning only including changes and a special update just for updating your version to the latest and greatest?

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  • andor

    Great idea – !

  • Simonsway


    It would be very nice if it would be possible once to update support trio without always have to change the templates.

    best regards

    • This is something that we have some ideas for in the future after changing how downloads work.

  • Yes releasing “changed files only” from the previous version would be great. (i requested this feature long ago)

    This should provide everyone an easy upgrade just by uploading the changed files and will also make it easier to deal with custom templates/customizations.

    • We will be doing one better than this :) Should be available within the next month.

  • Hi Simon,

    Unfortunately, that issue will not be solved with this.

    Whenever a product gets a new feature, that feature has to be visible on the page. In order to be visible on the page, the template has to be modified. Without templates update, a new feature would not be shown.

    Unfortunately, there is no way around this…

  • yes please, I agree with dotcomUNDERGROUND that having a separate download for just the changed files (like how you list them on the forums) would be a great start.