Let’s Grow Together: Introducing a Refreshed ActiveCampaign Partner Program

Let’s Grow Together: Introducing a Refreshed ActiveCampaign Partner Program

We’re launching new partner programs to help even more organizations grow with (and through) ActiveCampaign!

This refreshed ActiveCampaign Partner Program will include a brand new partner type:

  • Agency Partner (which will replace our current Reseller program)

But before we talk about where we’re going, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see where we’ve been, and how we got to where we are today.

A brief history of the ActiveCampaign Partner Program

The ActiveCampaign Partner Program first launched in 2003, when we noticed a significant number of inbound agency leads looking for a marketing automation tool they could use for their clients. ActiveCampaign gave these agencies the ability to monetize — and our Reseller Program was born!

In the early days, many of our Resellers were ActiveCampaign customers first, then found our Partner Program organically. The program was self-service, offering agencies a discount that increased with the number of accounts they brought to the platform. At the time, Partner resources were limited and a dedicated team to support these partners had not yet formed.

A few years later, we expanded our Partner Program to include Affiliate Partners. Working closely with our sales team, these partners brought more customers to ActiveCampaign through their audiences and networks. This growth prompted us to add more resources and processes, and create a Channel Sales team focused solely on our Partners.

Today, our Channel Sales team engages with thousands of partners globally. The team collaborates on various sales and marketing strategies to deliver impactful customer experiences to grow their business.

From the beginning, ActiveCampaign’s mission has been (and continues to be) to help businesses of all sizes build meaningful connections with their customers. From a partner perspective, this means helping agencies build connections — but it also means helping their customers build connections.

Empowering partners to provide more value

“We rely on the connections we’ve made at ActiveCampaign to help us solve the not-so-normal problems or weird use cases that we need additional help on” – Sydney Lynch, Client Success Manager at L2 and ActiveCampaign Partner since 2017

After evaluating 30+ tools, L2, a performing arts & culture agency that’s been in business for over 30 years, chose to work with ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign’s performance, API capabilities, and Deep Data integrations give L2 the ability to provide additional value to their customers — value that wasn’t possible with another partner.

L2’s customers range from large venues and theaters to museums and gardens. ActiveCampaign gives L2 the ability to make the right decisions for all of them.

Our mission to empower businesses of all sizes has led ActiveCampaign to where we are now:

  • 95k+ customers
  • 6,000+ partners
  • Millions of dollars paid out in commissions
  • A growing marketplace of 250+ Apps and 275+ automation recipes
  • The fastest-growing customer experience automation (CXA) platform around!

So… why are we changing the ActiveCampaign Partner Program now?

ActiveCampaign is in a unique position to create a partner program that’s tailored to the different types of agencies and partners in our ecosystem. Our experience is the launch pad to build a world-class partner program.

ActiveCampaign has the resources to provide a partner program that adds value and uses our existing experience to empower our partners even more. No matter the size, type, or industry focus of our partners — the refreshed partner program will support and enable them all.

“When it came down to it, ActiveCampaign checked off 90% of the requirements we were looking for in a partner” – Stephen Lynch, Co-President and Owner at L2

We will advocate for our partners by updating the Partner Program to ensure it remains competitive in the market, while offering our partners the flexibility to earn commissions and manage their client accounts in a way that works for them.

From partners who decided this past weekend to build an agency, to those who have been in the business for 20 years and need an easier customer experience automation (CXA) partner to work with, and everyone in between — our partner program will cater to you.

We will provide you with the resources, education, and support you need to be the agency you want to be.

The time is now to join a program that works for you, and helps everyone grow together.

How is the ActiveCampaign Partner Program changing?

We’re expanding our program! There are now more ways to partner with us than ever. The refreshed program now includes Agency Partners, as well as a refreshed dashboard to better manage client accounts.

Agency Partners (formerly Reseller)

Our Reseller Program is getting a refresh and a new name to more accurately describe these partners.

Agency Partners are still in direct control of selling and managing their accounts. And now we’re putting you in direct control of billing, too!

Agency Partners can now bill their clients directly or have ActiveCampaign bill their clients. We want our Agency Partners to have the flexibility to transact with their clients in a way that makes the most sense for them.

This flexibility includes the ability to earn margins on the accounts they bill directly, or earn a commission on the accounts that ActiveCampaign bills for them.

A refreshed partner dashboard

An updated ActiveCampaign Partner dashboard includes a tab system that makes it easy to organize and access your account information. Resold and affiliate accounts now appear in their own separate tabs.

d3mvblfgm partnerdashboardThe new ActiveCampaign Partner dashboard makes it simple to track your discounts and commissions for the accounts you bring in!

The new dashboard layout makes it simple to track your commissions and monitor your client account activity.

How can we help you grow faster?

The ActiveCampaign Partner Program offers exclusive growth opportunities:

  • Market development funds (MDF): Opportunities for Certified Partners to co-brand with ActiveCampaign at go-to-market events like conferences, trade shows, and meet-ups
  • Credibility: Use the ActiveCampaign name and logo and your partner status to establish credibility with your customers and prospects
  • Expertise: Become an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant and get listed in our Certified Consultant directory
  • Awareness: Contribute to the ActiveCampaign blog and reach tens of thousands of monthly readers
  • Networking: Connect with other partners and agencies to learn new ways to use ActiveCampaign for your own clients

The ActiveCampaign Partner Program creates these opportunities in 3 ways:

  1. Convenience: Choose what makes the most sense for you! You’re in control of how you sell, manage, and bill your clients — and we’ll pay your commission.
  2. Reach: Connect with 95,000+ customers, work with other partners and communities, and develop your expertise by talking with other ActiveCampaign partners.
  3. Exposure: Join the fastest growing customer experience automation (CXA) platform, and earn commission.

We also want you to develop your agency and further your education, and that’s why we’ve expanded our partner onboarding program to include 3 training sessions with our Channel Success Managers.

In these onboarding sessions, new Agency Partners will learn how to:

  • Manage your ActiveCampaign accounts as an agency
  • Become an ActiveCampaign platform expert
  • Build automations and workflows in a sandbox account, then import them into your clients’ accounts

Beyond these 3 onboarding sessions, Agency Partners can attend 4 in-depth sales training sessions tailored to agencies.

These sales trainings are designed to help you:

  • Connect with prospects
  • Qualify leads with exploration and discovery calls
  • Improve your presentations and goal setting
  • Close new business

How to become an ActiveCampaign Partner

If you’re interested in becoming an ActiveCampaign Partner, we’re ready to help. Take a look at our partner homepage — let’s grow together!

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