Microsoft Outlook Extension for ActiveCampaign

Microsoft Outlook Extension for ActiveCampaign

23 Minutes. That’s how long it takes to refocus each time you get distracted. All that time spent (some studies say over an hour every day) toggling between applications meant to improve efficiency can have the opposite effect. The new ActiveCampaign Outlook Add-In extension cuts down on all the back-and-forth.

Outlook extension for Activecampaign

What can you do with the Outlook Add-in for ActiveCampaign?

The Outlook add-in lets you deliver amazing customer experiences — without leaving your email account.

To close more sales and grow your existing customer base, you need to be able to access your CRM deals in the moment. ActiveCampaign makes it easy to stay connected to your leads with an Outlook inbox extension that lets you save time (and close more deals) while keeping your entire sales team aligned.

Outlook extension for ActiveCampaign

With the Outlook add-in, users can:

  • See your CRM info from your inbox
  • Easily add a new contact into your account
  • Create and update deals on the go
  • Create, assign, and mark tasks and notes complete
  • View and edit custom fields on contact records
  • Create accounts and associate them to a contact

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Use Gmail? We have you covered there, too

Chrome extension for ActiveCampaign

Don’t use Microsoft Outlook? No problem — ActiveCampaign’s Chrome extension lets you work out of your gmail inbox. You can seamlessly manage your CRM pipeline processes, as well as your contacts’ data, tags, and automations — without even switching tabs.

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