How an Operations Team Makes Sure Employees Get Key Information

How an Operations Team Makes Sure Employees Get Key Information

How do you get people at your company to pay attention to what you’re saying?

When you run operations at a fast-growing company, it’s tricky to get key information in front of everyone. How do you cut through the noise of everyday office life?

The ActiveCampaign Operations team, Amanda Gruber and Thomas Boyle, have found out-of the-box ways to tackle that challenge…with ActiveCampaign automations.

Keep reading to learn how they use the ActiveCampaign platform to:

  • Give personalized benefits to employees
  • Send employees in different cities relevant email
  • Help employees run events efficiently
  • Make onboarding easier for future employees
  • Design company newsletters that get attention

How do you help employees when new ones just keep coming?

ActiveCampaign has an employee growth rate of 700% over three years. Now consider that growth is across four offices — located in Chicago, Indianapolis, Sydney, and Dublin. That equals a worldwide staff of 500 people as of July 29th, 2019.

Divide that by Amanda and Thomas — the two people that give all of ActiveCampaign’s employees relevant information and personalized resources.

ActiveCampaign staff photoToday, ActiveCampaign wouldn’t be able to fit all its employees into this photo.

A few of the many things Amanda and Thomas routinely do are:

  • Coordinate office events
  • Manage employee perks and benefits
  • Create and deploy company newsletters
  • A/B test email campaigns, and make follow-up reports

As Amanda explains, “There were 90 employees when I started. I could meet every employee, but now I can’t. Having a unique interaction with every person is hard.”

“Automating our information is a great way to start the conversation. It doesn’t feel forced or rushed because a large amount is already being handled.” — Amanda Gruber

ActiveCampaign’s mission is to help growing businesses make meaningful connections with their customers. But, as Amanda and Thomas discovered, it can be just as useful to build meaningful connections with employees.

Can only two people plan events for 450+ people?

How do you encourage employees to guide company culture and not lose sight (and control) of the details?

If every event request needed to be manually coordinated and organized by a two-person operations team…well, that wouldn’t even be possible.

So Amanda and Thomas use the ActiveCampaign platform to manage requests. Operations doesn’t need to micromanage the logistics. Employees do the initial setup themselves.

Any of the 450+ ActiveCampaign employees can create an event for social, educational, or support purposes.

As Amanda puts it, “events are self serve, with our help and guidance.”

“ActiveCampaign event signup

To host an event, you follow these steps:

  • You log into Confluence, the place ActiveCampaign keeps its employee handbook and wiki
  • You click a signup link, which leads to a Typeform form
  • Once you fill out the form questions, the ActiveCampaign platform creates a lead
  • The lead automatically enters a pipeline (to keep details organized and make follow-up easy)
  • Automations follow up with emails that outline expectations for the event
  • A second email goes out a couple of days before the event, to finalize details

Automating event logistics lets Thomas and Amanda spend more time with employees one-on-one — to hammer out details, associated expenses, and special considerations. That saves time for everyone involved and makes for a smoother-run event.

“Find the right balance of automation and human touch. It’s not about automating everything, it’s about automating the right tasks.” — Jason VandeBoom, ActiveCampaign Founder and CEO Tweet this!!

ActiveImpactActiveImpact (ActiveCampaign’s giving-back entity) creates Chicago Day of Service opportunities, where employees go out into the community and do good. This recent partnership with The Chicago Parks Foundation is one such event.

Location tagging, because Dubliners can’t take Chicago public transit to the Sydney Opera House

ActiveCampaign gives great employee benefits.

Among the many perks offered, ActiveCampaign covers Chicago employees’ CTA or Metra (public transit) costs and offers free Divvy (bike sharing) memberships.

It’d be annoying if Operations emailed the Chicago benefit forms company-wide. No one wants to get information that they can’t use. Employees might even start to ignore emails they think aren’t relevant…and miss important information.

Four separate accounts to cover each office would add a lot of steps to send emails. And more steps in a process leads to opportunities for mistakes to happen.

What’s the solution?

Location tags.

ActiveCampaign benefits emailThomas makes it easy to get around Chicago with this clear guide on how to sign up for various transit benefits.

When new hires join the company, Operations adds them as contacts. Each hire is tagged by city location, which is used to make sure the benefits emails are personalized. Dublin employees should never have to read email that’s just relevant to Chicago — they only get relevant information about available benefits in their own city.

A company’s core values are built from day one. That starts with employee experience.

ActiveCampaign is always on the lookout for new team members.

Crains ChicagoCrain’s listed ActiveCampaign as one of the best Chicago places to work in 2019.

Onboarding for new ActiveCampaign team members is thorough. For two days new hires gather together and guest speakers go over a wide range of topics. The onboarding process also introduces a large array of software platforms, procedures, resources, and social opportunities.

That’s a lot of information.

“If new hires try to retain everything they’ve learned over those two days, they can be overwhelmed.” — Thomas Boyle

How can Operations remove added pressure from a notoriously stressful life event — the start of a new job?

Thomas says they have plans to create a welcome sequence automation that will “summarize everything new hires learned in onboarding, with a slow drip campaign spread over a month.”

“ActiveCampaign lets people come to the office to work…without them having to wonder how the office works”

“It’s interesting when you start thinking about ActiveCampaign outside of the marketing or sales box. There are all these other uses,” says Amanda.

ActiveCampaign lets you personalize customer experience. Internal customer experience is no different. Instead of converting leads into sales, Operations’ business goal is to make staff life easier.

think outside the box
Instead of just announcing company news, Thomas and Amanda realized they need to market it.

Operations often does A/B testing on the newsletters they send staff. They create reports on the results of what people responded best to.

Amanda and Thomas test open rates for:

  • Email with different subject lines
  • Emails sent at different times of the day

With the new ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Automation (CX Automation) tools, they have plans to use predictive sending to send email newsletters at the time each user is most likely to open them.

“I also love the design tools,” says Thomas. “Giving our emails that space to breathe. Even internally there’s noise — and you need to stand out.”

Adds Amanda, “I don’t feel like we’re any different than our customers. We have to accomplish the same things. We need buy-in.”

“All you need is an audience and a message. ActiveCampaign has all the tools to fill in the rest.”

event planning activecampaign recipeUse our recipe to create your own ActiveCampaign event management automation

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