This poor economy has left entire business sectors on shaky ground. Many have feared that marketing would be among them. However, it appears that what is actually taking place in the marketing industry is something of a refocusing on what works and what is cost effective. Our regular readers will already know that this certainly includes email marketing, among certain other forms of internet-based advertising.

A new study by Round2 gives us a better idea of the way that things are shaking out. While there is plenty of bad news for tradition print and television advertisers, there is just as much good news for the online marketing business.
The study’s main weakness was that it only provided simple yes/no information about the respondents’ spending intentions, rather than real numerical data. So we can only see what percentage of companies are spending more or less on any particular advertising medium, not how much those companies are spending.
However, the study results still provide an interesting and potentially useful glimpse into the marketing industry’s reaction to the economic downturn.

As you can see, traditional print advertising seems to be the hardest hit medium, with 46.6% of respondents reporting that they will decrease spending in this area. Even direct mail marketing is suffering a loss of support. However, email marketing sits easily on top of the new medium in terms of expanding adoption.
This is likely because email is a medium that companies are familiar and comfortable with, and that has been shown to be highly effective and efficient. Email marketing is something that can be done entirely in-house with very little up-front investment, and that allows for very detailed response tracking through the use of an integrated software package like ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software.