New Zapier Feature: Digests + Recent Zapier Integration Updates

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Zapier has released a new time-saving app to help you stay on top of your workload and minimize information overload. “Digests” aggregate the information that’s important to you into custom, automated reports. They’ll help you stay on the ball and informed so you can stay focused on your business.
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You can combine upcoming task information and contact data from ActiveCampaign with information from over 500 tools. Compile new blog posts, messages, notes, news, RSS feeds, sales data, tasks, social mentions, and pretty much anything else you’d like to stay on top of.
You could create a digest of:

  • Your upcoming tasks from open deals
  • All the Github issues that were created yesterday
  • The support tickets that were added to Zendesk over the past week
  • Your social media activity over the past month
  • New ActiveCampaign deals that were created
  • How many contacts you’ve added to your lists

Have your custom digest emailed to you, posted into Slack, or added to your Evernote. You can batch items to create a digest at whatever interval works for you (rather than constantly being bugged every time an item happens). Create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to see how you’re progressing.
You can learn more about Digests and how to get started with Zapier’s in depth post.
Here are some zaps to get you started:


Other Zapier updates…

We’ve also added some additional functionality to our Zapier integration.

New trigger: Campaign link click

Begin workflows when a contact clicks a link in one of your campaigns.
Monitor important links in your campaigns and then use clicks to automate your business. Log the event in a spreadsheet for in depth analysis later on. Post the event into the Slack channel of your salespeople or send a Pushbullet note.

New action: Add contact to automation

Now you can automatically drop your contacts into automations when they trigger events in other apps.
After someone books an appointment through Calendly or Acuity scheduling, you can add them to an automation that gathers their feedback after a demo to initiate a follow-up conversation.
After someone makes a WooCommerce or Gumroad purchase, add them into your onboarding sequence.
Learn more about what’s possible with our Zapier integration here.

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