We’ve got a new version of Live Chat released in time for the new year. Normally, we don’t write blog posts about version releases, but this one is really packed with features and fixes. Now you can see who is using the web or desktop client (by hovering over their online status in the operator list — in either client); javascript is compressed, which should ease some of the loading time for the operator console; there are several new options for integration code, including the prevention of the post-chat window from appearing via chats started on that page and a limit on how many times an invitation can pop up during a visitor’s session at your website; and last, but not least, operator photos via the Your Settings screen can appear with the system messages that announce your arrival in a chat. Some of the smaller additions are more cosmetic, but nice nonetheless: a loading graphic when looking up a chat transcript, and bolding the timestamp of the transcript that you’re looking at.