"New List" Webhook Available

We’ve added a webhook notification that runs whenever a new list is created for an ActiveCampaign account.
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Since the software is mainly driven by lists, this is useful if you need to be notified whenever a new list is created. Resellers utilizing common webhooks across all of their accounts will also benefit from this because all other webhooks require at least one list relation, meaning your accounts will always have the necessary hooks set up even when new lists are created in the future.
Here is an example webhook payload that ActiveCampaign will send when a new list is created:

type: list_add
date_time: 2013-09-25 15:31:45
initiated_from: api
initiated_by: api
list[id]: 7
list[userid]: 1
list[name]: List 3 (API)
list[sender_addr1]: 123 S. Street
list[sender_city]: New York
list[sender_state]: NY
list[sender_zip]: 88383
list[sender_country]: USA
list[sender_url]: http://test.com
list[sender_reminder]: You signed up on our website.
list[fulladdress]: My, Inc., 123 S. Street , New York, NY 88383, USA

With this data you could create additional webhooks that notify you of account activity for that list:

$post_data = array(
  "name" => "Test",
  "url" => "http://example.com/webhook-subscribe.php",
  "lists[7]" => "7",
  "action[subscribe]" => "subscribe",
  "init[public]" => "public",
  "init[admin]" => "admin",
  "init[api]" => "api",
  "init[system]" => "system",
$response = $ac->api("webhook/add", $post_data);

Another thing you could do is create custom fields for that list:

$post_data = array(
  "title" => "interest",
  "perstag" => "interest",
  "type" => "1",
  "req" => "0",
  "show_in_list" => "1",
  "p[7]" => "7",
$response = $ac->api("list/field_add", $post_data);

Above we create a text custom field called “interest” that is associated with the new list.
Anything that requires the new list ID can now easily be done using this webhook.

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