New Integrations to Boost Your Workflows: Slack, DocuSign, Eventbrite, and More!

ActiveCampaign integrates with 870+ apps, allowing businesses to connect their best-in-class tools with ActiveCampaign’s powerful marketing automation. When you create a stack of highly specialized apps, you’re able to pick and choose the perfect solution for each problem. And with these specialized apps feeding data into your account, it becomes the hub of your business and the control center for your marketing, sales, and eCommerce processes. 

Put simply, the more data you funnel into ActiveCampaign, the more powerful it becomes. In the last quarter we’ve rolled out several exciting and impactful integrations to add to your stack including:

Ready to build your best-in-class stack? We’ve highlighted the key benefits of the Eventbrite, ActiveCampaign Bot for Slack, and DocuSign integrations below to get started!

Promote your business beyond digital ads with automated Eventbrite event management

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Events are a fantastic channel to add to your promotional mix, especially if most of how you promote your business today happens digitally. Your prospects are humans, and like all humans, they crave authentic interactions. Lucky for you, the new ActiveCampaign Eventbrite integration helps you to take your lead-generating events to the next level, drive more sales, and improve customer support.

Here’s how! This integration sets your teams up for successful event performance by automating annoying, manual event management steps like pre- and post-event communication and even automating sales tasks. Every minute saved means one more minute for your team to have meaningful, authentic interactions with your prospects.

What can you do with Eventbrite and ActiveCampaign?

  • View a complete record of every event a contact has attended with important details like event name and status– without having to leave ActiveCampaign. 
  • Automatically create and update ActiveCampaign contacts who register and attend Eventbrite events.
  • Automatically send emails, Slack alerts, and more every time an Eventbrite order is placed, updated, or refunded.

Learn more about Eventbrite for ActiveCampaign here.

Manage your ActiveCampaign tasks in real-time from your favorite digital HQ using the new ActiveCampaign Bot for Slack

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Timing matters. Whether a customer needs help getting a quote, would like to redeem a promotion, or needs support to solve an issue; your job is to help them quickly. Bring sales, marketing, and support together by combining real-time Slack alerts and ActiveCampaign’s customer experience automation (CXA) platform with the new ActiveCampaign Bot for Slack.

The ActiveCampaign Bot helps you empower your teams with automated customer experience actions right in their Slack digital HQ. The ActiveCampaign Bot lives in Slack, so you can manage your customer experience records where you’re already communicating with your team. This means you can receive real-time Slack notifications when important customer activities happen in ActiveCampaign and even use Slack global shortcuts to search or create ActiveCampaign records.

What can you do with the ActiveCampaign Bot for Slack?

  • Update contacts, deals, and accounts with a couple of clicks.
  • Receive contact, deal, and account notifications in real-time.
  • Search for contacts, deals, accounts, and more using Slack global shortcuts.
  • Add prospects to email nurture automations without leaving Slack.
  • Unfurl contact, deal, and account records in Slack messages.

Get the ActiveCampaign Bot for Slack.

Empower teams to be more effective with automated document sending through DocuSign

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Let’s face it, we all have documents we need to send our customers. A manual document signing process can often slow the sales cycle and can signal to buyers that your solution isn’t mature enough – after all, time is money. On the other hand, when managed well, a smooth document signing process can help your sellers land big deals. 

If you’ve already taken the steps to empower your team with a best-in-class DocuSign account it’s time to take your tech stack to the next level by integrating ActiveCampaign. Once connected, you can automate the entire document signing experience – so buyers receive and sign contracts at their convenience, while sellers can spend valuable time with more potential customers.

What can you do with DocuSign and ActiveCampaign?

  • Automatically sync DocuSign envelope Recipients to ActiveCampaign contacts
  • Automatically send emails, Slack alerts, and more every time a DocuSign contract is signed
  • Automatically send DocuSign contracts when prospects reach relevant ActiveCampaign Deal stages
  • View DocuSign contract status and other important details without leaving ActiveCampaign
  • Pre-fill DocuSign contracts with your customer’s ActiveCampaign Deal information
  • Send automated ActiveCampaign email reminders to prospects when waiting on DocuSign contract signatures

Learn more about DocuSign for ActiveCampaign here.

Hundreds of integrations funnel your data into ActiveCampaign, where you can use it to create segments, personalize messaging, and customize your customer experiences. With your data pulled together, you can make sure everyone of your contacts gets a unique customer experience – and create brand loyalty. Start connecting your favorite apps today!

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