Create Forms that Convert with
Our New Form Builder

We’ve completely rebuilt our form builder. Now, you’ll be able to easily create a variety of beautiful forms:

We’ll be rolling this update out slowly over the next few weeks. If you’d like to have your account upgraded immediately, email our support team and let them know you want your account upgraded with the form builder release.

Using the new form builder

After your account is upgraded, you’ll notice a new “Forms” tab in the top menu. Clicking “New Form” will bring up a modal window:

You’ll be able to choose from four “tried and true” display types:

Appears within the content of your website. This would be the form type you might use for a landing page or a “contact us” form. This type of form is available to all account tiers.

Appears as a persistent strip at the top or bottom of the webpage.*

Appears in the corner of the browser window.* It’s noticeable, but doesn’t cover much content.

Appears in the center of the browser window and creates a new layer on top of the page and slightly dims the background so the form stands out.*

* Floating Bar, Floating Box, and Pop-up Forms are a Plus & Enterprise plan feature. 

Built-in automation

When your form is submitted, you can immediately perform automated actions:

  • Add a Tag – Tag contacts to track their lead source, identify their interests for targeted follow-up, and keep your list organized.
  • Add to Deal – Begin your sales process immediately by creating a new deal and adding it to any stage of any pipeline.
  • Email Results – Notify members of your team by email when a new lead is available.
  • Subscribe to List – Add a contact to multiple lists simultaneously.

After clicking the “Create” button, you’ll be redirected to the form builder itself.


Customizing your form


With the inline form, you can drag and drop fields into the form. You’ll be able to add default fields and any custom fields you’ve created.

You can also insert HTML code, images, and header text, so you’ll be able to add whatever content you need into the form.

We are also offering CAPTCHA, a list selector, and subscribe/unsubscribe options so you’ll be able to design a complete list preferences form:

You’ll also be able to create custom fields from within the form builder by clicking “Add New Field.”


Here you’ll be able to define the button text and “Thank You” message.


Here you’ll have a plethora of options for changing the look and feel of your form. You’ll have the flexibility to precisely match your website or create a form that stands out with bright, complimentary colors.

We give you many formatting options built-in, but for unlimited flexibility, you’re also able to use CSS. After clicking the “Inspector” button, you can click on the element of the form you’d like to customize and add CSS code.


You’ll be able to choose whether the form displays a “Thank you” message or redirects them to a URL after it is submitted.

Here you’ll have another opportunity to change or add to the actions that are triggered when the form is submitted.

If you are creating a Modal, Floating Box, or Floating Bar form, you’ll have the option to define when that form should appear. You can have it always show, show once and then hide, or hide after they’ve interacted with it (submitted it or closed it).

You’ll also be able to choose the forms appearance effect:

Slide in effect:


Fade in effect:


The Show Delay allows you to choose at what point the form is displayed to your visitors. Rather than having the form appear as soon as they visit the page, you can have it appear after reading a portion of the page’s content. Oftentimes this will improve your conversion rate because visitors are given the chance to see that your site provides value before being presented with a decision on whether they want to join your list.

When you have your form the way you want, click “Integrate” in the upper right-hand corner and you’ll be presented with a number of integration options.

The Simple Embed option is a single line of Javascript code and the Full Embed gives you the complete code. Either of these can be pasted into your website to add the form.

The advantage of the Simple Embed is that any changes you make to the form will automatically be reflected in the form on your site without having to update the code.

Here you also have the option to get a link to a hosted version of your form, set up the WordPress plugin, or install the form on your Facebook page.


Other updates in this release

You’ll notice we’ve also redesigned the Lists page and our custom field editor to be more clear and consistent with the rest of our platform.

We’ve also moved the Apps directory, which was accessible from the main navigation, into the account options menu:


Again, we will be rolling this update out slowly over the next few weeks. To have your account updated, email us at:

If you have any questions about this update, or how the new form builder works, please leave a comment below.

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  • great update!

  • Awesome stuff – can’t wait to try it out.

    • We’re excited for you to get your hands on it Fernando!

  • Cool!

  • I’m new to ActiveCampaign and this updated is just in time. Super stoked about the new form builder!

    • Thanks Tenns, we hope you enjoy it!

    • Brian Gladu

      Welcome to ActiveCampaign, Tenns. Great timing. :-)

      Let me know if there are any blog posts that would be useful to you as you get up and running.

  • Looking great! With all the options available already, I’m interested to know why you decided to bake this in to AC? Definitely welcome even if there are other options :)

    • jvandeboom

      We have big plans for what we are doing with personalized contact experiences.. This was a required piece of the puzzle.

    • @simonlkelly:disqus to build on what @jvandeboom:disqus already said: We have long had a form builder and while it got the job done, we heard from many users that there was some basic functionality that they wanted. Why have a form builder at all if it doesn’t do what people are telling us they want it to do?

      While there will always be a place for dedicated tools like LeadPages and we love our partnership with them, we never want to leave a portion of our software rotting or lagging behind. We think this answers the needs of most users and gives us a solid foundation for the future as we see it, while still leaving room for our integration partners to do interesting things as well.

  • Are you tracking stats on this? Is there any future thoughts about A/B testing the forms? Thanks for this new feature.

    • jvandeboom

      Tracking basic stats in the way of subscriptions and who is signing up for what form. Combining site tracking, forms, and behavioral based options are on the roadmap to take all of this to the next level…

      • Nice job! This is exciting and will make life easier.

  • Nicholas Dogulin

    This is exciting! can’t wait to get cracking on it

  • Great!
    Everything integrated in just one solution. Thanks.

  • Would love another feature in this series. (and please don’t think I don’t appreciate what you’ve done here). Many of us have affiliate websites for Amazon or other affiliate programs. I would like a pop up that does not do an opt in but rather allows me to compare say 1-3 products (i.e. place an ad image) and just have a button under each image that directs them to the product. That would be hugely helpful.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Ed —

      I can definitely see how that would be useful. This will be possible in the not too distant future. We’ll be building on this to create more personalized experiences for your contacts (outside of just email) and we’ll open up the formatting options then.

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  • So is this feature available to all account holders @briangladu:disqus?
    This could not have come at a better time for me.

    • Hey Matt,
      You can request to have individual accounts upgraded by emailing support. Otherwise in the coming weeks we’ll be gradually upgrading all customers.

  • Peter Griffin

    This looks great. Would it be possible to use one of these forms to register users on a wordpress/buddypress site?

    • I don’t know anything about buddypress but our new form builder is WordPress compatible by embedding the short code from the integrations page. Or you can use the WordPress plugin for a better experience.

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  • Inline – this is only a form? Or can the CTA button plus the modal form may be too? It’s like a popup, triggered only by the button.
    Is there a form of two-step?

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Oleg —

      There is not a two-step form right now though we may add something along those lines in the future.

      The Inline display mode is a form that is embedded into the page. Currently there is no option for triggering a modal window with a button click though, that too, is a possible option at some point in the future.

      • Excellent forms. Are there any plans to make a popup window for a more accurate setting for his shows? Exact categories or site pages, pages product etc ?

        • Brian Gladu

          This is something that might be possible in the future. This form builder update is laying a foundation we’ll be building on for bigger and better things in the future.

      • Great stuff. Please don’t stop at 2-step, rather make the forms natively multi-step compatible. There is huge upside to quizzes because of the engagement they create. I’ve been researching 3rd party quiz apps for hours now, but the marketplace is so flooded that I’m not sure which one works best with ActiveCampaign.

        It would be great if tagging were baked into each field of the forms as well (not just 1 tag per form), rather than having to resort to creating complex automations to achieve the same result.

        • Brian Gladu

          That’s an interesting idea, Jake. Great feedback, thank you.

      • Nancy Baron

        Bringing up the modal with a button click would be very helpful. Please add this soon!

        • Brian Gladu

          Great feedback, Nancy. Noted.

      • Any update on multi-step forms? This is a big one.

        • Brian Gladu

          No update at this time, Jeff, except to say we’re receiving an increasing number of requests for this feature so it’s on our radar.

          • Add me on the list of people requesting the feature Brian! Totally agree with Jeff. It’s a game changer for sure. Thanks for all you guys do! ;)

      • Anthony Patrinos

        Hi, I was wondering whether it has become possible to trigger a modal window via a button click.

        • Brian Gladu

          Hi Anthony, This might be possible with some custom coding (I’m not sure, I’m not a developer myself) but I know it’s not currently possible to do this with an ActiveCampaign setting. It’s not functionality we currently provide out of the box.

          • Anthony Patrinos

            Thank you for your immediate reply Brian. It would save us developers some time if your developers added some sample code implementing this functionality. I think it might be a frequent use case.

          • Brian Gladu

            That’s an interesting idea, Anthony. We could also add this functionality into the app if enough of our customers are interested in it. If you have a minute, it might be worth submitting it to us as feedback so we can prioritize it with other features our customers are requesting.

          • Anthony Patrinos

            Done, thanks again.

    • Any update on multi-step forms? This is a big want.

  • outstanding work guys. Love the direction you are taking the product. keep up all the great work. Rik

  • Steve

    Can these forms be prepopulated with parameters embedded in URLs?

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Steve —

      Yes, you can pre-populate with parameters passed in the URL but these parameters would also need to be personalization tags. This only works with hosted forms (EX: If it’s an embedded form, it’s still possible to do it with custom Javascript.

  • Stuart Brameld

    wow, so you have a form builder, then upgrade the form builder, and suddenly 75% of it becomes a feature upgrade? we’re a small business but shout about active campaign to everyone we meet. this feels like a massive kick in the teeth. really disappointing.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Stuart —

      I can see how it would be disappointing the new form types aren’t available on the Basic plan, but I think it’s important to note that this update didn’t remove any functionality for people on the Basic plan — it’s a major improvement over the form builder we had, and this update adds a lot of functionality to the same inline forms that were available before. It’s more customizable than ever, better looking than ever, and offers more automation options.

      On top of those improvement to inline forms and the form builder itself, we added 3 new types of forms that are available to Plus & Enterprise users. So, nothing was taken away from Basic users, the existing solution was improved, but there are some additional form types for people on the Plus & Enterprise plan.

      • Stuart Brameld

        Hi Brian – thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I just find it a very odd strategic decision. It’s a sunk cost, you’ve already done the work, there’s no additional cost and yet you have actively decided to withhold the functionality from existing paying users. On the basic plan I don’t need 1000 contacts, or a CRM, or a custom domain, but I do expect ActiveCampaign to support me building my email list – this is why I purchased the product.

        • Breakthrough Email Marketing -

          Hey Stuart. I checked out the new form builder on the basic plan. As Brian said, you’re getting 95% of the new features. You can still add all the different types with various optin form plugins.

          • Thijs van Halewijn

            True, but then you loose the double optin option, since that setting sits in the original AC form only. I tried some plugin forms (like the elegant and userfriendly MailMunch); it optins allright but only trough Single Optin; That is really a big setback for me…

  • Great work, looks much better!

    BUT – are the forms not responsive still? That’s like the biggest thing….

    • jvandeboom

      They are responsive!

      • Damn…I’m doing it wrong I guess.

  • Also, am I missing a way to integrate a form right into a campaign?

    Creating and copying html or link and going back into email creation seems redundant.

    • Seems when we integrate we lose background colors and form layout in some ways… I’m integrating into an Active Campaign email btw…

      • Javier

        Hi Tony, can you drop us a line to with more details about the issue itself? (account name and URL to your form would be enough)

    • Javier

      Forms only can be integrated in landing pages, websites, apps, etc. Forms can’t be included in email campaigns. Email clients usually only allow HTML and CSS. If you try to include some javascript code as we have in the forms, that won’t be rendered in your emails and likely it will be blocked by your own email client.

      Not sure what you need to do, but if you want to give the opportunity to your current contacts to subscribe to a new list, either you can do it by including a link to your form in your campaign OR you can create an automation and place a link in a campaign > if they click that link > you can subscribe automatically to the new list.

  • This is fantastic. This is exactly what our clients are looking for!

  • Dawid Kotrys

    Great :) Thanks!

  • WOW! You have really made costumer engagement so much easier. Cant wait for the conversion data from our clients sites!

  • Adam Grace

    With the new forms builder (Which I love – thank you) how do I turn off “double opt-in”. Where did the control of these functions move to?

  • Johan

    This is great! Already working with a few. Is there any chance that we will be able to add/remove fields to/from all form versions? I.e. Floating box?

    • Brian Gladu

      You can add and remove fields to your heart’s content, Johan. Floating box is sometimes called a “slide-up.”

      • Johan

        Perfect! Any chance you can point me to instructions and/or examples?
        Trying both Floating Bar and Box I only get two fields – Name & Email. I do not see where to add/remove fields…

        • Brian Gladu

          Hi Johan — After looking at it more closely, I misspoke, Johan. My apologies. I’m going to edit my response above so I don’t mislead anyone. I’ve added a feedback item to add that functionality. As of right now, it appears to be limited to certain form types.

  • Tyson_Q

    Great work guys. The entire team at Instapage loves the updates.

  • I changed a couple of words in one of my forms and when I “updated” in
    WP, your innovation destroyed the format of all my previous forms. My
    page now looks horrible. I am so angry! What am I supposed to do now? I
    liked my previous forms, I dont have the time to redesign everything
    because you did. Please tell me how to recover my original design.

    • jvandeboom

      All you need to do is contact support so they can assist. Please email with more details (account url, url of the page that has the forms that look wrong now, etc..) More details the better so support can help you.

      • Hi Jvandeboom, of course I have contacted support, since Thursday and all Ive gotten is autoresponders. Are you support? Please find ticket ID #177840 (the latest). I am in the middle of a campaign and it is very frustrating to be at the mercy of… AC changes, schedule…etc… to restore my forms, distorted by something that AC didnt consider.

  • why are you deleting my comments instead of responding to them?

    • jvandeboom

      Nothing was deleted.. The order in which comments are shown is not defaulted to last comment at the top unless you change the order. In order for us to assist you — you need to contact the support team at

      • Hi Jvandeboom, of course I have contacted support, since Thursday and
        all Ive gotten is autoresponders. Are you support? Please find ticket ID
        #177840 (the latest). I am in the middle of a campaign and it is very
        frustrating to be at the mercy of… AC changes, schedule…etc… to
        restore my forms, distorted by something that AC didnt consider.
        Why are the messages here not in chronological order? Is there no support duirng weekends? Do you know how to restore my forms?

  • Where do we find the form builder? I have the basic plan.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Daveia! You’d access the new form builder by clicking “Forms” in the top menu, then clicking “New Form:” Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Amy Manges Blevins

    This is a really great update. I would love to be able to have an “interests” list where my readers can select their interests and be tagged for each of those interests when they fill out the form. Alternatively, I can have them sign up for multiple lists – but that gets really difficult when I want to send the same email to different lists – without having tags available to create messy segments, people get the same email twice or I have to have everyone on a master list which is so large that the email doesn’t get delivered. (I’ve found that opens and clicks increase dramatically when I can send in smaller batches instead of to the entire list at once).

    If I could just opt to send an email to everyone with a specific tag – and everyone who was interested in essential oils had the tag (for instance) it would be so much easier to send targeted emails to subsets of people. And of course – I can do that. But getting the tags onto large numbers of people requires me to export lists and re-import them with tags or have a separate form for every interest (which is how I am currently handling things.)

    So another option would be to allow me to take everyone on a specific list and apply a tag to them AFTER the fact, instead of at import or at form-sign up.

    Any or all of these suggestions would be awesome additions to Active Campaign to make targeted email campaigns easier. :) My main suggestion is multiple tags per form based on an interest list where people choose their interests.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Amy! I think I may have an existing solution for you (if I’m understanding you correctly) that will prevent you from having to export and import a list to apply a tag.

      You can use the Bulk Editor to add a tag. So, in your case, you could filter your contacts by list, then click “Edit,” then “All contacts.” This will display the Bulk Editor. Then select, “Add a tag.” I’ve created a short video demonstrating this:

      You can also create a custom field that allows people to use checkboxes to indicate their interest(s). You could place this custom field on your form. You could then use an automation that applies interest tags based on what they’ve selected.

      Another option is to use Site Tracking to apply interest tags based on the pages of your website that they view. You can also use which links they click in your campaigns to apply interest tags.

      I’m a huge proponent of interest tags and our platform is one of the best for leveraging them. Let me know if I’ve missed your point here or if there is something else I can help with.

      • Amy Manges Blevins

        Thank you. I was not aware that a custom field could be tied to an automation to trigger a tag – that’s what I was looking for. Also glad to know about bulk editing to tag – that would have saved me a lot of time last month. And Site Tracking is definitely on my radar to figure out. So I think you answered my question perfectly.

        • Brian Gladu

          Great! One last tip… you can use an Advanced Search in tandem with the Bulk Editor to apply tags to very specific groups of contacts. You can access Advanced Search by clicking into the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (it will appear after you click into the box). You can combine conditions with “and” and “or” logic to get the exact group of contacts you are looking for and then apply tags with the Bulk Editor. So, when you do get Site Tracking set up and going, you could search for visits to specific pages or categories of pages on your site, and then apply interest tags.

  • ika

    Hello. I want to question about integration leadpage with activecampaign? I can’d find “Integrate form with:” in my integraton setting. Do I must up grade my account from Lite become small business?

  • Heikki Matias Luoma

    I am new to Active Campaign. Joined few days ago.
    So far I have found out that the documentation is not for Active Campaign I have. Screen shots seem to be for an older version or something. What I find is completely different from what I have on my screen. The documentation sucks. It is worse than useless. It is wrong.

    What a mess. I have wasted days with this trying to learn it.

    Active Campaign WordPress plugin is a mystery to me. Can not figure how to make it work. Mail much I got running in seconds.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Heikki! One of the downsides to such a quickly evolving platform is that documentation becomes outdated quickly. We hear you that our documentation needs some work. Right now, we are working hard on completely rewriting our documentation.

      To answer your question about the custom fields… you find that by clicking “Lists” in the top menu and then “Manage fields.” Here’s a screenshot to help:

      Regarding the WordPress plugin, what are you trying to do with it?

      If it would be helpful, feel free to shoot me an email with your concerns: I’m here to help.

      • Heikki Matias Luoma

        Thank you Brian.

        Sorry. I meant fields in forms. I wanted separated first and last name fields in forms but have only name field. However, while testing I found out that AC separates automatically sign up name into first and last name fields. That´s nice.

        With WP plug in I tried to track and get sign ups but now I decided to to go with Java script. It seems to work ok.

        Updated documentation would be great. I am a reader. Don´t want to watch minutes of video just to find out there is not the thing I am lookup for.

        • Brian Gladu

          Yes, we automatically parse the names. If you want them separated, you can do that too. Here’s a short video showing how:

          We’re working on the documentation as fast as we can but in the meantime, feel free to contact our support team as you have questions and concerns. They are a great resource.

  • chadw

    I’m curious…I’ve seen some sites recently which are offer a signup form, which simply gathers the email address. Upon entering the email address and submitting the form, you get redirected automatically to another form which has a headline along the lines of “Done! Thanks for Signing Up. Tell us more about you (optional).” Where in they then allow the subscribe to provide their full name, birthday, anniversary, sex, etc… I realize this is very much a website/server side thing, but I’m wondering if anyone has built anything out like this for Active Campaign or not. I was looking for a WordPress plugin which might have it, but I have not had any luck. Before I roll up my sleeves and try doing something with the API, I’m wondering if its even technically possible with ActiveCampaign to edit a subscriber record through the API via a secondary form. If there is a better place to ask this question, please let me know…

    • Brian Gladu

      Hey Chad! I might be misunderstanding what you’re trying to do, but I think this is possible. What you could do is have the first ActiveCampaign form redirect to a second ActiveCampaign form. The second form could have text at the top that confirmed the successful submission of the first form and give them guidance on the second form. You can pass the email address from the first form to the second form so they don’t have to fill that field out again.

      If I missed the point on this, I’d recommend posting what you’re trying to do to our community. We’ve got some really creative and talented users in there who probably have experience doing something similar to what you’re describing.

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  • Moe

    Is there a way to add fields other than Name and Email to the floating bar or anything other than the inline form?

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Moe, fields can only be added to the inline form.

  • Alex Bar

    Forms integration doesn’t work well. Very buggy.
    Custom URL redirect doesn’t work at all.
    Text for “thank you” page always shows “thank you for signing up” doesn’t matter what I put there.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Alex. If you haven’t already, be sure to open a support ticket. We’ll work with you to find the problem.

  • Hi just wondering if you can have the modal open on click? rather than appear and annoy the user?

    • Brian Gladu

      That functionality is not built into the form builder.