New feature: Hide on mobile

Optimizing emails for mobile has quickly gone from important to essential. Today, far more emails are read on mobile than desktop or webmail clients:

Emails opened by environment
Source: Litmus, July 2015

We’ve been creating mobile responsive email templates for a while and we’ve just taken our mobile optimization even further with a new feature: “Hide on mobile.”

This feature allows you to easily hide elements of your email when they are opened on a mobile device. If you’ve ever tried to do this with code, you’ll appreciate just how simple this is now.
To use it, select an element of your email you’d like to hide and then select “Hide on mobile devices.” When you mouse over that section you’ll see a message that says, “This content will be hidden on mobile devices.”
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If you go to “Desktop preview” you’ll see that those elements are automatically excluded on mobile devices:
6stjwhkht hide on mobile optimization
Mobile emails should generally be shorter and more simple, so hiding non-essential elements can improve the experience for mobile users. Extraneous details, that may work fine with plenty of screen, can make a mobile email look cluttered or intimidating.
Hiding elements also allows you to move important information or calls to action further up, so they appear above the fold when displayed on mobile devices.
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This update is rolling out to accounts this week so, if it’s not live in your account yet, it will be soon.
We’ll continue to release new features to keep pace with the rapid changes in mobile marketing.
If there are any features you’d like to see, please submit them as feedback. Your feedback is what guides our development.

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