Custom account expiration messages for resellers

Resellers are a incredibly valuable asset to ActiveCampaign! With that being said, we are continually trying to obtain feedback in order strengthen up the reseller platform and make it more inclusive. Last week, we had a reseller contact us who realized that when his customer’s account expires, there was no way to re-direct them to his web site. WHAT!?! We needed to take care of that right away, and were able to come up with a fix, build it, and implement it within an hour. Below is an explanation of both the problem and solution. 


A customer’s account (of the reseller) has expired and when they try to sign in they see the screen below:

hs2q4obfy resellerupdate1

As you can see, there is clearly nothing more a reseller can do to have their customer contact them. No link to their billing page, website, or anything else that could push a sale through.


The solution is going to require some technical skill as it does involve the API. A 30 second description goes like this: You will use the API to “disable” an account that is expired. Once disabled, you can select a message to display including a link to where ever you want.  Below is a screencast of me setting up the message to be displayed once I have manually disabled the account (I won’t be building the needed API calls). Step by step instructions are listed below both for a manual override and through the API.

Manual steps

  1. Click on down arrow on accounts page (for desired account)
  2. Select “Change”
  3. Click “Temporarily Disable Account”
  4. Change status to “Inactive”
  5. Insert desired message into text box.  **NOTE if you want a link write it in HTML format — i.e. <a href=”/link”>CLICK HERE</a>
  6. Click “Set Status”


  1. Run reseller API call “account_status” ( . This call should check if the account has expired. If it has, then the second call will start.
  2. Run reseller API call “account_status_set” ( This call will change the status to disabled at which point you can add your custom message and link.
If you ever have reseller suggestions or feedback, please send me an email

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