New Email Templates

Today we released a set of brand new email templates.

With your purchase you receive three things:

  1. 1-2-All Importer
    This is a file that you can use to import the entire template into 1-2-All without having to upload images, html, etc..
  2. HTML Source With Relative Images
  3. Photoshop File

When you use the 1-2-All importer a single click will add the images/html and create the template within your 1-2-All install.

We will be adding additional email templates to our template collection in the future.

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  • Florian


    Is this feature (1-2All Importer) already included in 1-2All or do we get this
    add-on only when purchasing a email template?

    Would be great to integrate also the template possibility in the editor itself,
    like you have done it with Visual-Edit. Right now there is too much space
    for customers to spoil the picture of their newsletter.


  • The ability to import 1-2-All xml import files is built into the latest versions of 1-2-All. However currently the only available templates would be the ones we have for sale.

    I assume you are speaking of editable regions for templates? If so I entirely agree with you and think that would be a great addition.