New email templates for our new email designer (free + mobile ready)

We have been busy designing email templates with the release of the new email designer.  Here are a couple of the designs that are currently available.  Additional email templates are being rolled out each day as they are completed.  All templates have multiple themes and are mobile ready.

95qoa9yud img 0003 layer11
wwp85asp img 0009 layer5

feuen53mo img 0000 layer14

yjk7wkf6m img 0011 layer3

cc99izsdy img 0012 layer2
9p2u2h1ia img 0005 layer9
8tuvv2bs7 img 0004 layer10
tvcgfr9e3 img 0002 layer12
hr5rrspr6 img 0001 layer13

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