New Date Conditions Available

To squeeze the most out of ActiveCampaign, it helps to familiarize yourself with the segment builder and the conditions and data it uses. The Segment Builder appears in many places. It’s used to create segments of lists, of course, but it’s also used to:

  • Create forks in automations so contacts are treated differently (using the “If / Else” action)
  • Define Goal conditions
  • Create “Wait until…” conditions in automations
  • Create contact & lead scoring rules
  • Perform advanced searches and then bulk edit contacts
  • Filter the contacts who enter an automation.

So the conditions available to you in the segment builder are intertwined with the capabilities of the platform itself. When new segment conditions are added, it’s a pretty big deal because it enables you to do more with a number of different features.
We added Goal conditions not too long ago and today we’re excited to announce an improvement to the segment builder that has been requested by many of our most ardent advocates — better handling of dates.

Now when you have a custom date field, you are able to create conditions such as “The current date is 10 days before [custom field date]” and “The current date is 3 days after [custom field date]”
So now you can do an advanced search to find clients whose contracts expire in the next 30 days. You can have an automation treat contacts differently depending on when their free trial expires. You can have a contact’s score go up if they indicate they are making a purchase decision in the next 30 days.
This is also a helpful addition for those of you that run webinars and events.
Your automations can have “Wait until…” conditions that drip out reminders 7 days before and then the day before your webinar. You can create Goal actions so that a contact skips ahead to the correct portion of the automation based on when the webinar is happening.
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These new condition options are already live in your ActiveCampaign account so you can start using them now.
We understand that the addition of these conditions doesn’t resolve all date-related situations, so we’ll continue adding to our date-based functionality as time goes on.

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