New API methods

We are always adding new functionality to our ActiveCampaign API, as we want to provide the best possible experience to developers.
We recently introduced some new API methods:
message_template_export (reference): Used to export email templates in the native software XML format (HTML is also available), for easy re-importing. This is great for backing up your email templates for posterity, or if you are moving everything to another installation.
message_template_import (reference): Used in combination with message_template_export, this method easily imports your native software XML template files. Since you can automate this now, it takes a lot less time to manually export/import templates, especially if you have more than a handful.
subscriber_view_hash (reference): Much like subscriber_view and subscriber_view_email, this method lets you obtain a subscriber record based on their hash, which is often seen in links coming from a campaign, such as the “Web Copy” and “Forward to Friend” links:
20110701 1
20110701 2
campaign_list (reference): This basic method returns one or many campaigns by passing unique campaign ID’s, or searching for particular campaign names.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions for other API functionality.

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