Get More Out of Your Pages With the Latest Dashboard Improvements

Get More Out of Your Pages With the Latest Dashboard Improvements

Landing pages are a great way to connect with customers across your website, collect information, and share updates about products or services. With ActiveCampaign Pages, you have dynamic, sophisticated landing pages at your fingertips that are backed by the power of customer experience automation and are a crucial part of a successful omnichannel strategy. By weaving Pages into your strategy alongside email and automation, your customers will see the best your business has to offer along their entire customer journey. 

We launched Pages back in the fall of 2020, and since then, it has become our fastest growing product on the platform. This year alone, we have seen an incredible increase of 220% growth of accounts who leverage Pages for their business, and of those accounts, they’ve seen a 118% increase in page views this year, leading to incredible customer engagement.

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ActiveCampaign Pages is a great choice for growing businesses of any size. With easy-to-use templates and the drag-and-drop designer, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create amazing content. And, Pages connects seamlessly with the rest of the ActiveCampaign platform, so you can easily engage the right audience with the right content at the right time in their journey, maximizing on each interaction. We’re excited to rollout the latest changes to the Pages Dashboard, so users can stay organized and get information on their content quickly. 

A new dashboard for an elevated user experience

The new dashboard will help you stay organized and provide great web experiences at scale for your customers. The new table view surfaces the most relevant information and helps you understand the landscape of all pages you’ve created, from unpublished drafts to active pages. 

When you navigate to the Pages section of your ActiveCampaign account, you’ll first arrive at the Pages dashboard. From here you can search, sort, and filter landing pages, perform bulk actions on those pages, and view details like thumbnails and statuses. You can also open a preview of the page and view its URL. Right from the dashboard, you can edit the design, publish or un-publish a page, or rename a page quickly. 

You can also sort pages by different criteria like the last edited, the oldest created, or in alphabetical order. Pages will now have a status bar as well, so you can quickly see what stage a landing page is in, and filter by that status as well to only view drafts, published pages, and so on. 

With the new search functionality, you can quickly scan for pages to find a specific one and edit, publish, preview, etc. 

The new dashboard is only the beginning for what will soon be very exciting, impactful updates to the Pages product. More dashboard updates are coming soon, like page analytics shown right on the table view. Also keep an eye out for new Pages templates coming soon that will specifically assist B2B and ecommerce businesses as they aim to quickly create compelling, branded pages that convert customers. 

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