New platform features to look out for in Q4 2022

At ActiveCampaign our customers come in every shape and size. We work with small, medium and enterprise businesses in every industry across B2C, B2B and Ecommerce. But do you want to know the one thing they all have in common? They’re focused on growth. 

Whether you are a new business just getting started or a large business looking to scale, the features we’re releasing this quarter deliver innovations across the ActiveCampaign platform to help you automate and grow with confidence.

New features built for businesses of all sizes to grow and automate with confidence.

As your business grows, you need to have a solution built to grow with you, whether that is into new lines of business or new parts of the globe. This first set of features will expand how you use your eCommerce and sales tools–setting you up for success now and in the future.

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Drive more conversions and build brand loyalty with product catalog

Shopify and WooCommerce customers can now sync all of their product data into the platform and unlock new use cases for customer experience automation thanks to product catalog. Build targeted campaigns based on your audience’s interests, profile, and browsing behaviors and populate products that they’re most likely to buy. Customize through various filters, product sorting capabilities, or manually select the products that you want to highlight in a campaign to drive new product launches, cross-sell, and upsell activities. This is especially helpful for preparing holiday season marketing campaigns.

CRM Account updates that increase sales productivity

The CRM account updates help businesses build a process to better nurture prospects into warm leads. With more account functionality, B2B organizations can automate, achieve revenue growth and scale. Through the remainder of 2022, expect to see several new automation actions and triggers including the ability to create a contact or account directly from an automated workflow. 

Using fewer tools that support more of your specific business requirements and goals is often the smartest approach to achieving faster, more sustainable growth. This next set of features let you do more with less to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition. 

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Automate and grow your brand engagement with the new and improved email designer 

Our new email designer brings exciting updates and added features to your everyday use of ActiveCampaign, while delivering the best possible email experience to your customers. This quarter we’ve loaded the new designer with all the features you know and love from the classic designer–with a much more intuitive and sophisticated design experience. 

Check out these exciting enhancements that bring the new designer to parity with the classic designer:

  • Product block: Embed product recommendations within your emails based on a customer’s past browsing or purchase history. 
  • RSS block: Keep contacts up-to-date with your latest news and blogs
  • Conditional content: Create and send unique content to different audiences given their demographic data, interests, and behavior. Display product images, offers, or content based on the conditions that are set. 
  • Design transactional emails: Build transactional emails from an automation that mirror your branding and remove the unsubscribe link from important transactional emails. 

Faster page load times and campaign creation flows

Navigate around the platform more efficiently and complete more of your most important marketing and sales tasks in less time. Less time spent in tools means more time spent growing other areas of your business. 

We’re continuously improving the platform based on customer feedback. Some of the major product enhancements for the quarter are a direct result of user feedback. When you invest in ActiveCampaign, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll constantly enhance the platform to meet your business needs. 

A look ahead to 2023

COMING SOON: Trigger an automation from a Postmark event

We’re actively working on making the ActiveCampaign Postmark integration even stronger by adding new automation triggers like the ability to kick off an automated workflow when someone receives, opens, clicks on a transactional message. 

COMING SOON: Send a campaign to a list of 1M contacts in 15 mins

Regardless of your business’ size, campaign speed and deliverability are crucial to ensuring you’re not only holiday ready, but able to nurture your customers and prospects year round in order to scale. As we gear up for a busy 2023, we’re making enhancements to campaign deliverability so you can send more campaigns, more quickly. Stay tuned for when this enhancement is live! 

COMING SOON: Unified segmentation building across the platform 

Segmentation is a powerful way to engage your contacts with highly targeted campaigns.  In ActiveCampaign, segments can be created by using any information available to you in the segment builder. This includes tags, standard and custom field information, website visits, actions, contact or deal score, and more. Soon, our customer will get to experience a consistent segmentation builder across the entire platform creating a consistent and uniform process for building and using segments across your automation strategy.

ActiveCampaign supports your ability to grow without being hampered by add-ons and functionality that you don’t need. That means whether you’re an enterprise business looking to scale or a new business just getting started, we offer a specialized stack of features and plan tiers built to help you grow with confidence.

Stay in the know about all of the latest and greatest product updates from ActiveCampaign on our release updates page.  Ready to start automating and growing your business with confidence? Sign up for a free 14-day trial and see what the hype is all about.

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