New ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

It’s no secret we love our partners.  Marketing firms, designers, developers  etc.. have had an overwhelming part of our growth and allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of email marketing each and every day.  While our reseller program offers amazing potential for reselling services as your own ESP we have had many people interested in a partner option that is less involved.  Thus the new affiliate program was born.

Here is a quick summary of what the program includes:

  • No costs, limits, commitments, etc..
  • Simple 10% recurring commission that lasts for the life of the account (even if the account changes plans)
  • 90 day tracking upon visitors clicking your link
  • Monthly payouts via Paypal

We have policies against certain types of marketing and that involves fake review sites, sending any solo email ads promoting our service, etc.. So it is wise to checkout our terms when signing up.  Keeping this program as organic and clean as possible is a top priority.  This is a great opportunity to earn recurring revenue by simply telling people about ActiveCampaign.

For more information and to sign up head over to our affiliate program.

A trial is worth a thousand words.
Get started today, no credit card required.

  • I would like to offer a free bonus to someone who signs up to AC through my affiliate link. Is there a way for my to identify / verify if someone has signed up using my link?

    • jvandeboom

      We are looking to somehow do that in the near future.

      We could show a partial account name or have a form where you can type in an account name to see if it matches against your account (privacy being our concern and reason we would maybe do the latter)

      • Or even if they got an email from you after they signed up saying they signed up via this link Then they could forward that to me for confirmation.

  • Wanna say big thanks to ActiveCampaign! Now getting decent monthly payouts. Any chance of seeing banner artwork in the future?

    • jvandeboom

      Glad to hear it! We have some new concepts we have been working on for some ad campaigns. Once they are finalized we can get those added in the affiliate section

  • Peter, this blog post is from 2012, it is outdated. The affiliate program has changed since then.

  • mildmanneredmillions

    the post above says 25% – the affiliate program page says 10%… which one is it? :)

    • This is a blog post from December of 2012. It was correct at the time. The plan is now 10%, this post is out of date. Because it’s a blog post however it will not be updated.