New Email Marketing Sending Engine (Beta)

It’s new, it’s improved, it’s faster than ever…The new Email Marketing sending engine is now available for beta testing in version 4.54.6. Details to turn on the beta engine are below.

With the new sending engine you will see faster sending speeds. Below you will see a comparison for sending speed:

To use the beta sending engine:

  1. Open your /12all/admin/ file
  2. Put the following code in a new line right above the line that has “?>”
  3. Your 1-2-All installation is now using the beta sending engine.

Remember, there are also other factors that go into email deliverability. The email sending speed only relates to what is happening on your own server, not the recipient server.

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  • When I added your code I get the following error when I start 12all ….

    Notice: Use of undefined constant �useBETAengine� – assumed ‘�useBETAengine�’ in /home/atozfitn/public_html/12all/admin/ on line 3


  • Hi Lewis,

    Your /admin/ file (after turning on beta engine) should look like this:

    < ?php

    $db_link = mysql_connect('localhost','username','password');

    $db_linkdb = mysql_select_db('12all_database');

    $GLOBALS["useBETAengine"]=1; ?>

    If you have any problems setting this up, please send an email to and provide FTP access to your server so we can help you out.

  • Thanks Milos that worked.
    Just sent out using new beta engine a 15000
    member mailing.

    Where will I see the faster progress ?


  • Hi Lewis,
    It should send out your mailing much faster than the previous engine did. There is nothing different, everything appears to be the same.

  • new sending engine is like lightining did 15k member mailing list in under 1 hour compared to like 6 hours normaly .

    But I got hundereds of e-mail erros as follows…

    A message that you sent contained one or more recipient addresses that were incorrectly constructed:

    ” : unmatched doublequote in local part

    This address has been ignored. There were no other addresses in your message, and so no attempt at delivery was possible.

    —— This is a copy of your message, including all the headers. ——

    What do they all mean ?
    Never got this with regular sending method ?


  • Hi Lewis,
    Did you receive an email with these errors, or were they shown on the screen?

    Would you mind creating a support ticket so we can check this issue? Please provide the message you received, as well as how did it occur and we will troubleshoot this issue right away.

  • ouch – I was about to set this up as well, but would like to hear how Milos went

  • Hi Andor,

    We will post here a description of what happened as soon as we troubleshoot the issue Lewis reported.

  • Hi Andor,
    The problem was in server configuration differences. Lewis’s server didn’t want to send emails to subscribers if their name is not wrapped in double quotes, as per email standard.
    We fixed this issue in file /admin/functions/swiftmailer/Swift/Address.php , so if you already downloaded version 4.54.6, then please re-download it and update this file.

    Lewis, thank you for letting us know about this issue.

  • Just so you know a mailing to 10,000 on its way out.
    I will let you all know here after the mailing if the problem has been resolved.

    Support has been fantastic here btw


  • Good news everyone.
    Problem was resolved with the last fix Milos implimented.

    And it is fast …

    1875 messages out of 13861 messages sent. (((( less then 20 minutes )))))
    Date/Time Sending Started 2007-07-17 / 16-57-39
    Last Updated 2007-07-17 / 17-19-24

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Lewis,

    I’m glad to hear that the fix resolved this issue, I hope you will have no problems with this mailing.

    Now all we have to do is wait for your confirmation that the read stats are in order (that people actually got the email, that’s the most thing important here, I guess), and if that goes well, we can consider this to be a success. :-)


  • It appears as though reads are working :)


  • Guess I am unable to add a screnprint.
    was trying to add


  • Hi Lewis

    We should check if this new mailing has roughly the same number of reads as your previous mailings (that used old sending engine). If you get similar numbers, that would mean that the emails did actually go out properly and that subscribers got them and opened them properly.

    Also, if anything happens during sending process, you can also check what happened (and how many emails actually went out) by having your server admin look into server’s MTA logs.

  • Azmi

    Found another bug when the Beta Engine is enabled.

    When Beta Engine and Bounced Settings are enabled, the Return-Path on the email headers actually points to the list sender email address instead of the bounce email address. This causes all bounce mails to return back to the sending email address and none to the bounce pop account.

    When I disabled the Beta Engine, then everything worked accordingly. The bounces are then redirected to the bounce pop account which I had specified on the Bounce Settings.

  • Hi Azmi,

    Thank you for pointing out this bug. It was occurring if a list is using default (system wide) bounce management setting. Lists that had their own management setup did not have this problem.

    Anyway, I fixed this, please re-download the distribution ZIP file and overwrite your /admin/functions/send_app_eng.beta.php , that should do it.

    Thank you for using our Beta Sending Engine.

  • Hokan Pettersson


    I have now tried a send with 2171 subscribers, and it still works slow and halts as before. It has now spent 14 hours to send the mail to these 2000 subscribers.
    After it halted it send one message per 20 sec roughly.

    Is there something I have missed, or should I create a ticket?

    I run 4.54.6 that I downloaded 17th of july 00.09 CET!

    My looks like:

    Anything else that needs to be done that I have missed?

  • Hi Hokan,

    Yes, we do realize that not all servers will experience an increase in sending speed. If server’s MTA, remote SMTP or web server are a bottle neck, then the situation will probably remain the same.

    Of course, please submit a support ticket and provide access information so we can look into it, maybe we can find some way to make it even better.

  • Hi Milos

    Just letting you know I’m keeping on top of this and will report my own results once one of my clients actually initiates a broadcast (!)

  • We had a bug (if engine stalls in the certain point within the batch sending) which was found and fixed right away.

    Today we released 4.54.7 which now has that fix included. We strongly suggest that you upgrade your 1-2-All installations according to this forum thread:

    I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

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  • samoir

    Have installed the 4.54.6, and also applied the update patches to 4.54.8. Theres been no difference in the sending speed. If anything it is slower send speed, if this is possible?? Any thoughts at all?

  • samoir

    I notice that this blog, the initial code has been updated from single quotes to double quotes, will this have any impact?

    from originally posted:


  • Hi Samoir,
    Using double or single quotes makes no difference. We had to change that because single quotes we originally used were not regular quotes when copied from this page, nothing else.

    What I would suggest to do is to send one mailing using old engine and log the sending time, then send one using new engine. If you don’t mind, please post the number of subscribers and sending speeds for both engines so we can compare. Also, you can send us this info to our Support Center, and we can take a look if there can be any improvements made in your case.

  • samoir

    HI Milos

    Ok thanks for the explanation on the quotes in the code. My list is 1284 subscribers, so fairly small. Mailed on last week without BETA engine, and it took about an hour to send (average). With the BETA, this time is now 2 hours 45 mins. longest ever. 50 errors reported on the stats page with the same error message. “Could not instantiate mail function”…

  • Hi Samoir,
    The string “Could not instantiate mail function” means that (since you have “Mail()” sending option setup) your server doesn’t let you use native PHP mail() function, probably due to server overload (you should contact your admin for the cause).

    However, I think that the BETA sending engine was not turned on at the time of sending, since that error message is generated by old sender, not new one.

    You can see if your Beta engine is turned on in footer of every page in admin panel (unless in Branding Options you chose to hide the version number). If it is on, it is displayed right next to the 1-2-All version number.

  • andor

    Hi all, hi Milos

    Well, finally got to test out the new BETA engine last night with a small run of 4400 subscribers – sent my server manager into a spin. He told me that normally the server is idling with overhead around 1.0 to 2.0; when I initiated the broadcast, the overhead punched up to a peak of 47, so he was wasn’t happy. Apparently the MTA was grinding a hole big enough to threaten the other services on the server.

    Hey, but it went out faster! Over 50% faster, for sure. You’ve certainly not oversold that feature . . .

    Unfortunately, I won’t be using this feature on our setups as it seems to override the limit I set of x messages per minute to keep the server from getting ruffled, and in any case, I am quite happy to send out stuff in a gentlemanly fashion.

    But for people with dedicated servers for their broadcasts and large lists, they will be very happy to play with this toy. I just hope you keep it as an option, as even if it’s enabled and is controlled by the limits in the settings re how many mails per x amount of time, it would still send sharp little process spikes through the server, or so it seems to me.

  • Hi Andor,

    I am really glad to hear this! :-)
    Although, the beta engine should take your settings into consideration, so I would really like to test this somehow, just to find out why those settings were not used on your server. Would you mind if we troubleshoot that, let’s say on a small list with under 10 recipients, where we would set it to make a 5 second pause after every subscriber? That would be real nice. If you could do that, then please open a support ticket and I will test it right away.

    We are currently including additional settings for this sending engine, (which will include Throttling too, among other things), which should make sending even faster in certain cases (that depends on the server). But I would sure like to fix this, if there are any bugs in beta.

    I just tested this again from my test install (7 subscribers, 5 seconds break after each), and that is exactly what happened, worked as expected.

  • andor

    Hi Milos

    Actually, I might have been wrong re the settings – it’s set as default on the specific list (I’ve got a few different installs for 12All across several clients so it’s hard to keep track) so that’s 40 messages, then 3 second pause.

    By my calculations that’s an optimum mailout to 4,400 address in 5.5 minutes. In reality, it took about 50 minutes to complete, which seems “normal”, but whether that’s different or not as compared to not using the BETA engine, I must admit, I have no idea – I don’t generally watch the queue, as I’m not in a hurry, and I just need to know that the broadcast was sent successfully, which I have never had a problem with ;-)

    So, while I can’t verify speed, and I must admit that I hadn’t throttled the queue from default, the severe spike on the MTA is still the crux of the issue.

    I’ll set up a test list anyway, as I’m sure it’s always useful to see how your baby is performing in the wild.

  • I must say – YIHAA!

    Whatever changes that’s implemented on the latest .8 (rc1) release it has done miracles to my installation.
    What normally could sometimes take a full day including stalls and re-queues was now done in less than 10 minutes.

    I use the pop-up window method with 15 messages per process and 4 for amount of time per process, and I use the default mail() sending method.

    So for me on my web hotel it is now working brilliant.

    Great work!



  • Nick

    We just did a mailing of 130,000 users and a lot of them got the mailing twice. The engine doesn’t seem much faster for us either. Using 4.54.8

  • Hi Nick,

    Please submit a support ticket so we can take a look at what is going on with your install. Please be sure to provide FTP access (if you can) so we can upload some test files in order to find out what is making it send twice.

  • samoir

    Yes we have emails sent by “Mail()” sending option, correct. i will talk to my guy about sending in native PHP mail() function, and the server overload likelihood.

    The piece of BETA engine code has been added to the file prior to sending. Nothing shows in the footer, except for powered by, version number, and copyright notice. There is no text saying using BETA engine of any sort. I will upgrade to 4.6 and see what happens. cheers samoir

  • samoir,

    If the footer did not say Beta before it means the beta engine was not being used.

    Upgrade to 4.6 and the new sending engine will be used by default. After sending with 4.6 let us know how it goes.

  • Ademeskici

    i complete all levels and send mail but waiting for confirmation in your system . my campaigns must be arrive as soon as i send so what i can do for fast sending ??