How MyGreenFills Slices Down the Cost of Getting Customers

How MyGreenFills Slices Down the Cost of Getting Customers

How My Green Fills uses ActiveCampaign

As MyGreenFills points out on their website, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Ruth Smith, the founder of MyGreenFills, proved that old adage true when developing her signature non-toxic laundry products as a solution to her children’s severe skin allergies.

Over the course of the last 36 years, those home solutions have become MyGreenFills—the revolutionary laundry products company that has created an affordable model to provide customers with clean, sustainable, and non-toxic laundry solutions.

The challenge: Reduce acquisition cost

Before getting started with ActiveCampaign, MyGreenFills CEO Stephen Ezell and team weren’t overly familiar with email automations. They weren’t having trouble getting sign ups for their email list, but they did need to find ways to get people to stick around.

A lot of people dropped off their email lists before making a purchase. An automation strategy might be able to keep leads engaged enough to turn into customers.

MyGreenFills needed a strategy to maximize their leads. They needed a way to nurture new leads—and eventually get them to convert into customers.

The answer: ActiveCampaign

Ezell was seeking 1-on-1 personalized care, so he opted to sign up for an enterprise account with ActiveCampaign. The support team was able to step in right away and help them get up and running.

Kelly, MyGreenFill’s account rep, was able to do everything from help them set up simple email triggers to develop their strategy behind personalized email content.

“Kelly’s been an absolute amazing partner for us. I feel like Kelly is part of my team. She’s walked through with us step by step and help us build our initial automations.” – Stephen Ezell, CEO

The results: Maximize leads—minimize acquisition cost

Using their new automations, MyGreenFills was able to give their contacts content that was highly relevant and super targeted.

As a result, their email list was stickier, their leads more valuable, and their cost per acquisition sunk.

Now that they’re able to send personalized content using automations, the team has time to focus on other campaigns. Most recently, they launched an initiative to make their laundry jugs out of reclaimed ocean waste.

Given the interests of many of their customers, MyGreenFills is able to use ActiveCampaign to distribute content about this new initiative to customers who might be interested.

In other words, they’ve developed a cycle that lets them create high-value, personalized marketing content about the company—without having to spend countless hours producing it.

“If anybody sells something online, whether you’re in the info space or the physical goods space, like we are, or even further than that, if you have a brick-and-mortar business in a local town, and you want to create content and a relationship with people in your community, ActiveCampaign is a very robust platform to do so. – Stephen Ezell, CEO

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