We just added 6 new email templates

Free email templates

We’ve added six beautiful new email templates to your library. Of course, they are 100% mobile responsive.

New email templates


What templates would you like?

Please let us know in the comments what email templates you’d like us to create — we are always looking for new ideas.

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  • Robert Cortes

    non-profit campaigns, church events etc

    • Brian Gladu

      Great suggestions, Robert. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Without wanting to be too pedantic – these aren’t really mobile responsive templates.

    Sure, you send them to mobiles and the images resize etc.

    But since the templates use a fixed width, the mobile device shrinks the text size accordingly making them unreadable for anyone who doesn’t have a magnifying glass attached to their eyes.

    Should be a big priority to get this fixed, especially now that the new action triggering feature is only available on the new email builder and those of us who’ve been holding on to the old builder (because it *can* do properly responsive emails) are considering switching.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Ian, not a pedantic discussion at all. There was an issue where nested table code was causing Android devices to display messages in desktop view rather than mobile. In the last month or so, we released a fix for this issue so you should be fine now. If you encounter a this issue again, or a different issue, please let us know because we definitely want our templates to be, truly, mobile responsive. If they aren’t, we’ll find a fix.

  • Alef Bet Jewelry


  • I had no idea the template I have been using isn’t mobile friendly – doh! Is there any way to convert or save time? Are there only these 6 mobile-friendly templates?

    And the only way I can find the ones you advertise as mobile-friendly is through these blogs, and you can’t click on the templates or anything – how do I find them when logged in? I stupidly, I suppose, assumed that all your templates would be :)

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Chrissy! All our templates should be mobile responsive. If you’re running into an issue, please submit a support ticket so that we can investigate. If there’s a bug, we’ll fix it. If there’s a quick solution, we’ll tell you what to change.

      • Thanks. I’m trying to figure it out. As usual Outlook is just a bitch :)