ActiveCampaign Mobile App: Make memorable customer experiences on the go

What if you could manage your campaigns from your phone?

Sometimes you’re not at your desk. And you don’t always want to fire up your computer just to check the performance of your last email.

With the ActiveCampaign mobile app, you can work when (and where) you want, so you never miss anything important.

You can:

  • Edit campaign configurations
  • Review performance metrics
  • New for Android! Preview campaign and automation emails
  • New for iOS! Edit details for split tests
  • New for iOS and Android! Filter and review campaigns by type 

Keep reading to learn more on how you can use the mobile app to stay on top of your campaigns. 

Review all your most important metrics and details at a glance

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The ActiveCampaign mobile app gives you the core features of ActiveCampaign — including your most important email marketing details and reports. 

Once you tap the Campaigns icon in the app, you’ll see the following overview for all sent campaigns:

  • Campaign name
  • Last send date and time
  • Number of contacts the campaign was sent to
  • Percentage of email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes
  • Campaign type (One time, Auto responder, Split test, Automated, RSS, Date based)

Need to dig deeper? Click on any campaign and see even more information, including:

  • Lists and segments that the campaign was sent to
  • Number of forwards, replies, and bounce rates
  • Revenue generated (if using an ActiveCampaign ecommerce integration)
  • Link performance, including unique clicks, click rate, clicks to open rate, and performance metrics broken down by link
  • Details like subject line, preheader text, and from name and email

And now, it’s even easier to work on the go with Campaign filters.  Simply tap on your Campaigns tab, click the drop-down next the search bar, and drill into campaigns filtered by type. Types include automations, auto-responders, date-based, one-time, recurring, and RSS triggered.

Update the important details of your emails right in the moment

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Sometimes you have a great last-minute idea for a campaign’s subject line, or you realize you need to change your reply-to email address — but you’re away from your computer. The mobile app removes any last-minute rushing by letting you update those critical details right in the moment, like:

  • Subject line
  • Preheader text
  • From name and email address
  • Reply-to email address

And now, iOS users can even update these details for your draft and scheduled split tests. And then, you send test emails to preview what your contacts will see, so you know you’re providing your contacts the best email experience possible. 

How can you get the Activecampaign mobile app?

ActiveCampaign continues to develop new functionality within its mobile solutions, so you can stay connected to your customers, not your computer. Keep your most important data (and your business’s pulse) at your fingertips with ActiveCampaign mobile apps.

Download the ActiveCampaign mobile app:

iOS app store
Google Play Store

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