Improve Your Sales Process on the Go with Mobile Call Logging

What if you could better manage your sales process — from your phone?

Sometimes you’re not at your desk when you need to take (or make) an important call. If you’re away from your computer, once the call ends you might find yourself with:

  • No easy way to give the rest of your team context into the call
  • Disorganized notes that take time to add to your contact records
  • Details that are forgotten by the time you’re able to log into your computer
  • Incomplete info that leads to poor follow-up experiences for customers

If you’re a sales rep that performs calls on the go, the new call logging feature for iOS and Android makes sure no important details are lost once a phone call is over. 

Mobile call logging makes sales more efficient — and customers more satisfied

blog call note recorded

ActiveCampaign’s new call logging feature lets sales reps call a contact directly from the app, and then write a summary about the call afterwards. 

  1. Select either a contact or a deal from the mobile app
  2. Tap the phone icon under the name of who you want to call
  3. After the call is completed, a screen will appear with pre-populated information:
    • The date
    • Time of the call
    • Estimated duration of the call
  4. If calling from a Deal screen, you will also see:
    • The name of the deal
    • The stage of the deal
blog call summary note

A blank text box gives you the opportunity to enter a summary of the call — topics discussed, follow-up questions, next steps, concerns, or anything else that will give helpful context. Once you save your summary, it will appear in the activity tab for that contact or deal. 

A mobile CRM that keeps you connected to your most important data

The ActiveCampaign mobile app gives you everything you need from your CRM on your phone, and lets you update your deals on the go. You can manage your entire pipeline from the field.

blog call contact screen
  • Manage and create deals. Keep deals flowing through the pipeline. Check up on existing deals, create new ones, and make notes so that no deal slips through the cracks.
  • Track and assign tasks. Stop tasks from piling up on your desk while you’re out of the office. Stay on top of your to-do list, assign tasks to your team, set meetings, and mark tasks as complete.
  • Manage accounts from anywhere. Get info on the businesses you work with. Search your accounts, get the info you need, make updates and add new accounts.

When you’re just a phone-tap away, you’re there when your customers need you to be — instead of just when you fire up your computer.

With our ongoing updates to CRM mobile functionality, you can stay connected to your customers, not your computer. Keep your most important data (and your business’s pulse) at your fingertips with ActiveCampaign mobile apps.

Download the ActiveCampaign mobile app for iOS or Android.

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