Minor updates to Email Marketing, Survey Software, Knowledge Management, and Help Desk Software.

In the last couple days we have released minor updates to 4 of our products. Here is a summary of what we changed just recently.

  • Email Marketing 4.51.6
    • Fixed redirection problem for users with only one list
    • Fixed empty Sender header problem
    • Fixed fetch@send bug in autoresponders
    • Fixed full path issue in auto_remind cron file
    • Fixed template JS bug for test email if not mime
    • Now parses links only if option is turned on
    • Now fetches reply-to field properly
    • Added fetch personalized to INSTANT responders too
  • Survey Software 1.4.12
    • specific required fields update
    • add item page updates
    • invitation updates
    • css updates
    • php short tags removed
    • library/survey add/update item pages updated
  • Knowledge Management 2.60.24
    • Moved trial check to avoid header() problems
    • Public Search page completely rewriten
    • Implemented public users, separately from admins
    • Fixed Settings/User page bugs
    • Public users are no longer members of Global Authentication System
    • pdf.php is from now on unencoded
    • Fixed installer bug for removing existing tables
    • Added support for Demo Mode
    • Fixed a major bug in function.php that occures on public side when article has no links in it
    • fixed include problems
    • Added new language strings
  • Help Desk 2.60.4
    • Integrated new Knowledge Management system
    • Fixed expiration date on announcements (to allow indefinite ones)
    • Chart fix for HTTPS via IE issue
    • Fixed subject escaping problem in public viewTicket
    • Added more vars to use in public account_confirm.tpl.txt (username, name, email)
    • New language strings

As alwyas – we are continually seeking feedback on our products and services. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns let us know at info@activecampaign.com

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