Announcing our Mindbody Integration

We’re very excited to introduce the first iteration of a fabulous new integration to our app directory. We’re proud to add Mindbody to the ever-growing family of powerful integrations that compliment ActiveCampaign to offer our users the best tools to make their business grow and flourish. This was a highly requested integration in our both our feedback & community forums. We’re continually improving this and all integrations, so, as always, we welcome any and all feedback so that we can provide the best experience for our amazing users.

What is Mindbody?

Mindbody is the leading all-in-one platform for over 50,000 wellness professionals such as gyms, yoga studios, personal trainers, box training, martial arts, CrossFit facilities, spas, massages, pilates, and more. From booking, point of sale tools and apps, operational membership and logistic support, and now marketing, Mindbody is a cross-device platform that excels in keeping your clients happy and healthy, and not to mention your team ;).
Combining a customizable mobile app, a robust admin dashboard, full payments processing, and all the other tools either a budding business or an established team would need, Mindbody’s myriad of useful product capabilities will give you the scalable presence and ability to care for your clients in a uniquely competitive advantage in a very motivated ecosystem.

How can I use Mindbody?

  • Online booking: Let your clients sign up via an inline scheduling form on your website, your Facebook page, or the Mindbody mobile app. Then, easily manage your offerings and schedule your classes via the Mindbody Dashboard.
  • Staff resources: Give your team a new level of insight into what their clients needs and feedback are, how their day is shaping up, the capacity of their classes, and how they’re performing. This not only helps you manage your client’s satisfaction, but your employees as well.
  • Client tools: Give your clients personal profiles to boost engagement and buy in, and allow them to stay connected with your business via a customized app for your business.
  • Reports: Arguably the lifeblood of any burgeoning or thriving business! Get the metrics you need such as: revenue earned per client visit, group behavior such as keeping tabs on your VIPs attendance and purchase actions, membership growth, sales performance and maintaining a daily balanced “cash drawer.”

What does the automatic import do?

The Automatic Import is a fantastic aspect of the ActiveCampaign platform that’s used to connect your ActiveCampaign contactbase to an external service in which you have your specialized clients. You can have multiple Automatic Imports running simultaneously from numerous different sources constantly updated. Easily “stack” other useful apps in conjunction to Mindbody and ActiveCampaign to provide a full view into your client activity, needs, and feedback.
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How can I use Mindbody with ActiveCampaign?

Once you’ve set up your native Automatic Import, the following aspects of your Mindbody clients will be automatically imported and continually updated. Isn’t that pretty awesome?
Keep in mind, that depending on the amount of clients you initially import, the importer will batch them out over a short period. After that, ActiveCampaign will update any changes to any client profiles in Mindbody and update their contact records in ActiveCampaign. The following will be kept in sync:

  • First Name (system field)
  • Last Name (system field)
  • Phone Number (system field: first we check for “mobile” phone, then “work” phone, then “home” phone)
  • Email Opt In (custom field: whether or not they have the “Subscribe to email reminders & notifications” setting checked in their profile)
  • Promotional Email Opt In (custom field: whether or not they have the “Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions” setting checked in their profile)
  • Client Status ( This will create a custom field: “Member” or “Non-Member”)
  • Client Indexes (these translate to traditional custom fields in ActiveCampaign)
  • Custom Fields (fields created in MindBody are mapped into ActiveCampaign custom fields)

How do I set up the integration?

Firstly, the Mindbody integration is only available to Small Business and Enterprise.
To set up your Automatic Import with Mindbody and ActiveCampaign, you’ll need an active Mindbody account along with your username, password, and site ID. You’ll find this initial set up page under the Contacts Tab and by clicking the import button. Please follow this short video to start the process:
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We recommend creating a Mindbody list for the import to populate. Then, you may add your clients to whatever ActiveCampaign list you wish.

What are my next steps?

To get you up and running, we’ve built a few useful automations to let ActiveCampaign do the heavy lifting for you.
Welcome series:
Once a new client is added in your Mindbody dashboard, a contact record with the aforementioned fields will be created and routinely updated within ActiveCampaign. Once this client is added to your desired list you can begin an automation that will utilize the “field change” automation trigger. ActiveCampaign will recognize the update from non-member to member and vice versa.
This series of messages can provide information — for example, you can send what to expect, how they should prepare for the class, and any other information that might be useful to them. This will help them feel more comfortable and prepared when the class begins. Alternatively, this series is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce your new clients to you, your business, and what they should expect from your communications. Setting these expectations for respectful communication is a prefect first step when initiating a new customer relationship. You can also introduce them to different aspects of your business and tag them based on their activity and interests.
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Tagging based on Site Tracking Activity:
We’ve spoken to a fair amount of early adopters of the integration, and highly requested feature and functionality is the ability to tag clients based on their attendance or purchase of class packages or other services you provide. Utilizing site tracking, wildcard URL conditions and our tagging functionality, you’ll be able to replicate this upcoming functionality.
You’ll need to set up “thank you pages” for any transaction or reservation you would like to have act as a “site visit” trigger for Site Tracking to identify. Once Site Tracking sees this activity from a contact, you’ll be able to channel your contacts through your desired follow-ups and tag accordingly.
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If you need help setting up your connection, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team – they’re ready and waiting to help you get going! As mentioned before, we’ll be improving this integration to give you more functionality depending on the behavior of your clients. If you can insight into how we can improve this fantastic integration, please reach out to our Community Manager, Ted Cooke or post in the comments below.

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