How ActiveCampaign helps keeps you safer with multi-factor authentication

How ActiveCampaign helps keeps you safer with multi-factor authentication

It’s a mouthful — multi-factor authentication. But what does it mean?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) strengthens the security of your identity and information in the platform by making you identify yourself by more than just a username and password. It typically requires you to identify yourself with a combination of the following:

  • Something you know
  • Something you have
  • Something you are

MFA helps ensure only the right people are able to access your ActiveCampaign account and all the valuable data stored within it.

Why should you use multi-factor authentication?

It’s an unfortunate fact: your username and password can be compromised. They’re actually one of the most vulnerable entry-points for cyber-attacks. Valuable information can be accessed, or your entire account can be taken over.

How vulnerable is an account using only a single username and password? Here are some statistics:

That’s where multi-factor authentication comes in.

MFA is one of the best ways to safeguard accounts from unauthorized access by demanding users provide proof of their identity. Even if a password is compromised, a malicious actor is thwarted when they are required to verify themselves through a one-time passcode.

With cybercrime on the rise, adding MFA to your ActiveCampaign account will not only keep your valuable data safe — it will help keep your customers’ data safe as well, and help build trust.

We strongly advise that customers enable MFA on their accounts and now it’s now easier than ever to set up, with our new offering of SMS text message multi-factor authentication.

How to set up multi-factor authentication for your ActiveCampaign account

Ready to set up multi-factor authentication in your ActiveCampaign account?

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ActiveCampaign offers two authentication methods, through an application or SMS. We have a help article that will walk you through the setup process.

[alt text]Not only is it easy to set up, MFA is easy to manage for your entire team.

ActiveCampaign is committed to protecting and safeguarding your data — it’s a pillar of our Customer Success Commitment. Help us protect the data in your ActiveCampaign account and prevent unauthorized logins through multi-factor authentication.

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